Holding On To Humility

Pride. The root of all evil. This is a sin that I have always hated to admit to myself or to others. I grew up in the church my entire life and I remember in small group everyone going around the circle discussing what we each were struggling with. Sometimes I was so consumed by pride and comparison I was scared to share what I was walking through. The fear of judgment got the best of me and lead me to just share a “surface level sin”. Something that I believed wasn’t as bad as others. I wish I could go back and tell myself that isn’t even possible. Growing up I constantly was trying to prove myself to others and avoid the constant judgment we live in from the world. My pastor said it best, we judge others by their worst actions and judge ourselves by our best intent. Delight fights against comparison and judgment by encouraging vulnerability and this is one of the reasons why I absolutely love this ministry. 

I love looking back and reflecting on how God has radically transformed my heart over the years and still does daily. I’m in awe of how He has rid me of comparison, pride, control, judgment and how He has given me the strength and confidence to air out my dirty laundry for His glory. Satan knows all my past and present struggles and loves to sling shot them back into my life at my weakest moments.

"Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourself." // Philippians 2:3

How many times have we all began something to glorify our Father, but deep down it has turned into something to glorify ourselves? Lord forgive me of my prideful self. How many times have we compared our sins or lives to others to justify our own sins? Lord forgive me of my prideful self. How many times have we spoken and said what we think instead of listening and preaching God's truth? Lord forgive me of my prideful self, continue to rid me of my pride. May we draw from our Father and His word to gain humility and may we turn away from the world where we will only gain pride and selfishness. Pride will only bring disgrace but humility will bring wisdom. We have been saved by humility. May we continue to humble ourselves and glorify our God.

Lauren // @laurenmouchette