When You Know You're Meant For More

I’ve been staring at a blank page for about two weeks now. I’ve wanted my last Delight blog post to be meaningful — to be truly impactful. And, honestly, I’ve tried to write this last post at least four times now, but I start writing about something and then I stop because I just was not feeling it.

However, today I was sitting at my desk at work, and this phrase kept coming to my mind: “Caroline, you are made for more than you currently know — greater things are coming.”

I’ve had this feeling my entire life that I was made for more — made for something greater than I can see in my present state. This has oftentimes made me super restless and super anxious for what lies ahead. Patience is not a virtue of mine; I am well aware of this, as I often look into the future more than I remain in the present. Simply, I want things here, and I want things now. I know, super blunt and selfish (but this tends to be my nature). I’m a creative individual, and I love seeing things come full circle. And so sometimes I forget to enjoy the journey and the meaningful steps along the way. I get super restless, as I am constantly searching for that “thing” I feel like is coming. However, this can often deter me from focusing on my main source of “more” — Jesus Christ.

(On a side note, I call my brother, mom, and sister regularly telling them all of this — so, honestly, I’ve exhausted the amount of times I’ve told this to a human being, so I’m just going to blog about it.)

I truly and honestly do not know what is coming, but I know that I’m not going to live a normal life. I mean, when Jesus enters into the picture of your life, you will never ever have smooth sailing. You will have to rely on Him in a way that truly tests your faith, as He guides you further than you ever thought your life could go. But there is so much value in trusting Him — you will become more and more like Christ in all of your endeavors. And you will realize the very thing for which you were made.

Truthfully, I’d rather live on the edge than not take risks for Christ. I can’t sit still, and I can’t not remain optimistic and hopeful for the ways in which He is going to use my life to further His Kingdom. There are times, however, when I get down, as I don’t feel as though He is working in my life. But, this is where faith comes into play. We have to rely on Jesus, even when we don’t think that He is working everything for our greater good.

Have you ever felt like you were made for more than you currently see?

Maybe you were born and raised in a small town, and — while there is value in being raised in such a beautiful landscape — you’re just dying to get out and explore more of this world. Maybe you’re stuck in a certain major and thus career course, but you’re yearning to volunteer and spend time abroad and defy expectations for your life from others. Maybe you’re in a romantic relationship that is holding you down from pursuing your dreams. Whatever you may be feeling, truly hone into what Jesus is calling you to do for Him.

I am not exactly sure the point of my last post with Delight, other than potentially being a source of encouragement to you. If you know you are meant for more (which you are, FYI), I want to encourage you to step into whatever “more” you are being called. (Hint: Jesus and I know you’re being called into more). But, what are you going to do about this? Are you going to sit and daydream or go and do?

I’m gonna go and do — and I hope you do too.

I don’t know what my “more” looks like. What I do know — though — is that with Jesus, this “more” will be even “more” than I think it’s going to be. It can be incredibly hard — given the current nature of our millennial culture — to not succumb to the “more” that the world conveys is “more.” (I hope this is making sense.) The “more” that Jesus offers may not produce immediate reward. It may take years to see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. However, this is okay. Jesus never boasted in His recognition, but humbled Himself before others. The fruits of His labor are still remembered today, even when He may not have felt as though that what He was doing — the ultimate sacrifice of love — was going to be appreciated or even honored.

So, I want to encourage you: Step into what Jesus is calling you to do — step into the “more” that He wants for you. If you don’t know where to start, pray. Pray diligently until your prayers are being answered.

I’ll keep on praying myself, and pray that you will too.
...FYI, you are meant for more — you just have to believe this about yourself too.

Caroline // @carolineanisa