Love Freely, Love Deeply

Thought For the Day:

"There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people wouldn’t even jump in a puddle for you."

No, do it. Cross the oceans for people. Love freely and love deeply. No conditions attached--never expecting anything in return. Stop wondering whether or not they're worthy. Cross oceans, climb mountains. When God commanded us to love, that includes people who won’t love us back.

My heart aches knowing that Jesus crossed oceans for me and I refuse, again and again, to jump puddles for Him. He died, knowing that there would be times when I would fail to do even the smallest things for Him. And even though I’ve failed a thousand times, He still chooses to love me unconditionally. He chooses grace and mercy. He chooses to continue to give me second chances. He chooses to bless me. He chooses to forgive.

Jesus chooses love over and over again. Because of this I will choose to love. I will learn to care for people who don't deserve it. I will continually forgive those who hurt me. I will spend my whole life trying to love God's people radically, without condition.

God has called each of us to love. Love as He loved. No strings attached. It’s time to cross that ocean.

"Give away your love, freely and without expectation. Give it away, and soon your life will be filled with love, and you will have set others on the path of love and peace."

Kieran // @kcgarv