I’ve been thinking a lot about the word fresh. The typical association for me, is laundry detergent. A millennial through and through, I’m susceptible to falling for well executed advertising just as much as the next girl. And I mean, they make good claims. And big claims as well…who wouldn’t fall for the extra-soft, ultra-plush detergent that promises to be as refreshing as a rushing brook? I wouldn’t mind climbing into bed each night and feeling as though I’m laying on a cloud, being gently carried to and fro by the fresh breeze of spring. 

The thing they don’t tell you is: Laundry is a lot of work. 

Laundry is getting to the point where you know you really should wash your sheets, but you don’t have time for it. But, you should probably do it anyway.  Laundry is stripping off the blankets and wadding up the sheets. Laundry is throwing everything in, pressing start in a hustle, and letting the cycle run. Laundry is washing and drying and folding and unfolding and three hours of trying to get that darn fitted sheet back on the bed. 

It isn’t quite as seamless as the commercial made it out to be.

I was going to start this post talking about how this year has been full of freshness. But that didn't make sense.  Because when we think of fresh, we think of easy. And soft. And new life. And sleeping on a cloud. 

Most of the time though, starting fresh isn’t easy. It doesn’t just happen. Fresh takes work, maybe some tears, and a whole lot of dirt.

See, when you get to the point where you absolutely must start fresh, you know you’ve gone too far. That seems dramatic, but it’s true. I spent far too long thinking I had things under control and that I had my life planned out when it was really quite the opposite. Jesus had different plans for me, and for reasons I may never understand, I’ve been washing my metaphorical sheets in nearly every area of my life this year. Friendships, relationships, school, work. By the fresh grace of Jesus, nothing is the same, not even the color of my bedroom or the dna of my nuclear family.

It’s been a lot of work. 

But just like the sheets,


Just like laundry can be an all-day excursion, the pursuit of freshness seemed to almost be a never-ending expedition in my life. Which makes sense if you think about it. Every day we are faced with new opportunities and circumstances that challenge our faith and bring us closer to Christ and help us discover and understand more of His greatness. It’s not a one and done perfection thing; it’s daily progress towards a goal.  And of course, perfection is unattainable, as always. I’ve reached the point in the process where I’ve tried to get that fitted sheet on 10 different ways and watched three different YouTube tutorials about making a bed, and finally, I’ve just called it good, prayed it stays, slapped that bedspread over top, and decided to walk in faith.

Because fresh is a lot of work. And it’s also not about perfection.

So yes, it has been cathartic. It hasn’t been all bad. But it also has been hard, and by hard I mostly mean very, very humbling. But at the end of the day, the sheets must be washed and put back in their proper place. And the same goes for life, we have to do the work in order to get a fresh start. At the end of the day, they were changes that needed to happen. That HAD to happen, whether I liked it or not.

Wash your sheets.

Do your laundry.

Start fresh.

But always start fresh in Jesus because His claims and campaigns are more than just seemingly senseless marketing schemes: they are actually true.

Karissa // @karissanickish

Meet Karissa!

I grew up in a sweet little town by the ocean in Florida with candy colored houses and sugar sand beaches. No wonder I love dessert so much! In addition to ample amounts of chocolate, my life has been sweetened by the amazing love of my Savior. Serving Him is my greatest joy, and while His path for my life hasn’t always been what I expected, I’m grateful because His plan is always best. I’m currently finishing up my first year of school at a local state college (as well as a photography internship and a social media marketing internship) before transferring to a university in Texas this fall. But in the meantime, I’m savoring my last few months of rainbow-sherbet sunsets here in the Sunshine State.