6 Reasons Starting a Relationship With Christ is Like Being a Contestant on the Bachelor

photo from:   http://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/

photo from: http://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/

1. Baggage or being older than the average contestant, or being a new Christian, may make you think you are less worthy of the relationship, but at the end of the day everyone deserves love. You have never done anything too crazy or sinned too deep to run to God for a relationship with him. God loves you despite your crazy baggage.

2. You, or others, may question if you are there for the right reasons. As much flak as being a Christian can get, there is also some glamour behind the key principles. You may be accused of only seeking forgiveness, community, redemption, or a boyfriend (because everyone knows boys who love Jesus make the best boyfriends). Just like Bachelor contestants are accused of looking for fame or attention rather than love. At the end of the day, only you know if your heart is honest and if your intentions are pure as you seek love.

3. It can make you feel like you always have a spotlight on you. People love digging up dirt about Bachelor contestants. The same can be true if you are a new Christian. People may throw your sinful past in your face, or be waiting for you to mess up. At the end of the day, even if the haters do find some dirt on you, it doesn’t matter. The new relationship focuses on the future not the past.

4. Temptation is everywhere. Booze, girl drama and other scandal can throw your relationship way off course and make it hard for you to focus on what truly matters. All that really matters is the relationship, even if the craziness of everyday life and sin can temporarily make you forget that.

5. Some people just don’t get it and are going to think you are crazy no matter what. Some people don’t get Bachelor Nation and some people don’t get religion. Despite all these haters, you can find a group within these niches and until then His love will carry you through.

6. At the end of the day you don’t care about any of this drama, all you care about is His love.

Audrey // @audrey_huddleston

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Hi! My name is Audrey and I am a junior majoring in Communication at Washington State University. I am pretty new to being a Christian, so I'm super excited to go on this journey with you and beyond humbled to have the opportunity to share my story. I love writing, sarcasm, Netflix, coffee, and the color mint green. I'm super excited for this summer and the sunshine and happy memories it will bring.