Prepare For What You Pray For

Early Thursday morning, my alarm went off and I did my normal route before my internship. Out of nowhere, I just hear a whisper speaking to my soul- it was God.

God whispered again. And I listened. God: “You prayed for me to guide you and for me to use you for your purpose. Remember: Be careful what you pray for because your not going to be happy for what I’m about to tell you- You need to quite your internship.” I was shaken and still not moving an inch for a moment, without thinking twice I texted my boss and told her I could’t come in to the office. I took off my shoes and just hopped on my bed and all I could say was, “Why? Why, God?” I heard nothing for a while, so I just closed my eyes. “Because I created you on purpose for a purpose. You prayed for me to guide you and use your purpose, yet I need you to let go of your old ways.”

Quitting is not something I do, I was always a start to finish type of gal, however God had another say in my life. He had heard my prayers and had then called me to re-position and equipped me. I was created to influence- a group of people- that only He can encourage and lead. For this reason, I continue to walk gracefully into the light unto my path.

“If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” // John 15:7

Have you stopped to listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit? Take a moment right now. Close your eyes and pray. Pray what God has put in your heart. Ask Him to guide you so that He may lead you to what you were called do, and live out yours in fulfillment with Christ. With that being said, God will answer you and move your soul to what He has promised for you. He’s the one who promotes you and He is love.

Marianna // @mariannapint_o

Meet Marianna!

Hello, I’m Marianna Araujo Pinto- aka MAP! I’m a born and raised Floridian that packed her bags and moved to New York City. Currently, I’m a junior Visual Merchandise major with a concentration in Event Planning at LIM College. I have a passion for traveling, art, coffee, and being apart of a community. In addition, (almost a year ago) I decided to have a relationship with God and on this journey I have found a brighter life. God has become my best friend, who has/is watched my back. Accepting this relationship, I didn’t expect His path to be clear or easy. However, I’m truly grateful for the challenges because it has mold, shaped me to be stronger. Overall, I’m excited for what God has planned for my life because it’s better than I could've ever imagined.