Our Pain Has a Purpose

Diamonds fascinate me. They are billions of years old. They form 100 miles below the ground through an intense process of heat and pressure and then they are carried to the earth’s surface by volcanic eruptions. 

These precious gems remind me a lot of what our lives look like in Christ. 

I think so often we feel stuck. Stuck in regret from our past. Stuck in worry about our future. Stuck thousands of layers below the earth feeling like our lives look dark, messy, and purposeless. 

I think recently my greatest fear about God is that He has left me in my mess. I forget so often that He is a Restorer, this whole life is an art of transformation, and we serve the greatest artist of all— the Maker of Heaven and earth. 

The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:7, “His secret purpose framed from the very beginning is to bring us to our full glory.” 

Throughout the last year I have been grappling with the idea that everything truly does have a surprisingly secret purpose, even when my worldly heart cannot comprehend it. And if everything has a secret purpose then even the pain has meaning too. 

In fact sometimes it’s the most painful parts of our stories that cause us to shine the brightest. 

Sometimes our edges need refining, our souls need stripping, and our hearts need to be cut up to once again be made new, beautiful, and whole. 

Sometimes it takes a rugged soul to be transformed into a world changer, a dream chaser, and a brokenness embracer. 

Just like a diamond cannot be a diamond without once looking like an ordinary rock— rough, ugly, and rugged, a world changer cannot be a world changer without the rough, ugly, and rugged parts of their story. 

Change is mandatory for the extraordinary. 

Madison // @mzizmer