The Art of Work

“Listening to your life begins with doing what none of us wants to do… You have to imagine your own death. When your time comes, what will you regret not doing? What will you wish you had more time to do, and what will have seemed trivial?” // Jeff Goins

I want you to re-read the quote above and then come back. I read this about two years ago and have still been trying to process this application into my everyday life. Two years ago, I was struggling when it came to obeying what I believe the Lord was telling me to create. Why? Why is it hard to obey the voice of the one who sees the past, present, and future simultaneously? Why is it hard to leap into whom He has called me to be? Why have I allowed the spirit of fear to visit in a place where only love should reside?

I ended up reading The Art of WorkA Proven Path to Discovering What You Were Meant To Do by Jeff Goins. I cannot remember how I found this book, but I read a review and immediately purchased it. I was a bit hesitant to read this because Jeff makes a bold statement in the title: “A proven path to discovering what you were meant to do.” How can he verify this is a proven path that will help [not only some readers], but every reader of his book? I don’t know, but his boldness intrigued me.  

A few days after reading this quote, my pastor got up and preached about us dying. He talked about believers not being afraid to die for we are going to spend an eternity in the presence of the Lord. The question I asked myself is: do I truly understand I am going to die? If I do not fully understand that my life is temporary, I will never live as though it is. Do I understand that God has put me on this earth to accomplish something through me that is so unique from what He has put you on this earth to accomplish? Do I understand that God is going to hold me responsible for the opportunities He gave me that I took (and decided not to take)? 

I just want to make sure I am not disobeying the Lord by running from the things He has called me to do when He has called me to do them. 

Kristin // @kristinmwitcher

Meet Kristin!

My name is Kristin; I believe I was created to help encourage and empower others to create [however that may look in their lives]. I currently do so by making YouTube videos, taking photos, and writing. I love that people of all walks of life come together captivated by a film, song, book, or even a blog post. They can pause what is going on in their lives to share a moment with the person [or people] who helped execute his or her [or even their] idea into a reality. I hope to do the same.