How To Fight The Enemy


The other morning I woke up in a rut, running late, and feeling like I couldn’t get anything right. 

Thoughts flooded my mind immediately as my feet hit the carpet. 


You are not a good enough friend. 

You are not a good enough daughter. 

You are not a good enough sister. 


How many of us allow the enemy to take the wheel over our thought life at some point during our days?

As I made my way downstairs I sat down for a quick breakfast and picked up New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp. I read the devotion for the day and the words pierced my heart in the most beautiful way, I was reminded that what I preach to myself does in fact effect how I live. 


The devotion stated: 

“We just never stop talking

to ourselves. 

We never stop preaching

Some kind of gospel

to ourselves

It’s a gospel of





of functional hopelessness— 


it’s the gospel of

Jesus Christ, 

a gospel of







of never being alone, 

of never being without help; 

of One is near, 

of One who cares; 

of a beautiful forever

awash in victory. 

We are always listening


what we are preaching.” 


We have the power to redirect our minds and preach thoughts that are lovely, admirable, and praiseworthy. 

I often become stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts and “private heresy”. I speak lies in my head over and over again and I forget that I have the power through grace and Christ to preach the gospel of truth over myself. 


Here are three main ways that I try to shift my thinking: 

1. Memorize Scripture

Psalm 119:9 says, “How can a young person live a clean life? By carefully reading the map of your Word.” When we know the word of God we are able to align our thoughts with the truth andpoint our minds back to hope, transformation, and joy. 

2. Worship

Whether you are in your car or in your bathroom getting ready sing songs over yourself. Music changes our minds, but especially music that praises our Maker. 

3. Vulnerability

Share with the people closest to your heart the lies you are believing and have them do the same. Begin praying for those people and speaking truth into their lives. When we have a body speaking into our weaknesses we begin to slowly hear the true whisper of God.


                                        Madison // @mzizmer