For When We Feel Uninvited

Did you know that every single day we receive the same invitation from the Lord? 

I have never really meditated on this thought until I started reading the whimsical stories included in the book “Love Does” by Bob Goff. Yes, I know I am late to the “Love Does” train, and I can’t believe I have waited so long to read it!  As soon as I posted a picture of the book on Snapchat I got many replies saying, “Best book ever. I read that book I loved it!!” If you have not read this book yet you need to get your hands on it immediately!! 

In each chapter Bob tells a different story from his life that often left me scratching my head thinking, did that really happen? I mean he got into law school by practically stalking the Dean for a week, he chased his wife for three years before she agreed to go out with him, and he gave various heads of state a key to his house so they could visit whenever they pleased… sounds like a pretty remarkable life if you ask me!

While a majority of the stories gave my goosebumps and a new perspective, there was one that particularly stood out. 

In one chapter Bob tells a story about not being invited to the extravagant Easter egg hunt that is held at the White House each year. He decides that he won’t let the lack of an invitation stop him from having some fun, so he hides eggs in the bushes right outside of the gate for his kids as if they are part of the real event. 

While he never did receive an invitation from the White House, Bob ends the chapter discussing the greatest invitation he will ever receive. It is an invitation that trumps the White House Easter egg hunt. It is the invitation to live a full life with Lord, and we receive it every single day.  

“I get the invitation every morning when I wake up to actually live a life of complete engagement, a life of whimsy, a life where love does… I think every day God sends us an invitation to live and sometimes we forget to show up… but you see, we have been invited- every day, all over again” (80). 

Bob’s life may be extraordinary, and may seem unattainable; however, a life of whimsy, love, and adventure is not out of reach for any of us! It is possible because of the Lord. 

Every single one of us receives an invitation to live a full whimsical life with Jesus.

He has come to give us life, and life to the full!

How can we say no to that invitation?! 

We have a choice. We can accept the Lord’s invitation and say yes to living a life with Him and for Him, or we can actively choose to turn down the invitation to live life to the fullest. 

What happens when we say yes? What adventures and stories would we be able to share with others when we choose to live life with Jesus?  

Truly there is only one way to find out, we have to actually say YES and accept that invitation! 

So maybe we will never get invited to the White House Easter egg hunt, or have stories that are similar to Bob’s but I pray that we all participate in a whimsical life of our own with the Lord right by our side. I pray that we can all challenge ourselves to open our eyes and our hearts to the invitation that we are so graciously given day after day. 

The Lord is just waiting to use us in ways that we can’t imagine and I pray that we choose to say YES and participate in the unimaginable journey that God has in store for us! 

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10


Maddie // @maddieowens23