Morning + Quiet Time Routine From Kenz

You know, I should probably tell you just right off the bat… I don't have a morning routine. My mornings are either a hurried mess, or a couple hours of unproductive day dreaming. I’ve always tried to be like super women in the mornings. To this day I still set my alarm at 6:30am convinced that I will wake up when it goes off. Maybe one out five mornings I will actually fight against the snooze button, reluctantly pull my sheets off, and try to get somewhere but, those moments are far and few. 

But because I'm writing a blog post on my morning routine I will tell you about that one morning a few months ago when everything actually was accomplished. Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating.  This is my ideal morning that happens every now and again. Just don’t be deceived by the pretty pictures! 


I love to run! It is the way I best processes things in my life. Anytime I have a big decision, feeling anxious, way too excited, or just in a funk, I go for a run. I especially love morning runs because there’s this unique sense of peace and stillness before the city wakes up. I usually listen to a sermon or worship music. This is really one of my favorite times to be with the Lord. 


Next thing, I shower and get ready. I take way too long to get ready. I’m still trying to figure out if I need to cut some time doing my makeup or picking out an outfit. Either way, I still haven't mastered it and I probably have wasted way too many hours getting ready. 


Then I eat breakfast. Like I said earlier I don't have a routine and this is where it gets a little messy. Sometimes I eat before getting ready, but I’m sure you don't care. I also don't have anything I regularly make for breakfast. Something healthy! 


Now if you know me even a little bit you know that I love to day dream. I could stare at a wall or into outer space for hours. I try to convince people that my blank face is me strategically thinking or deeply praying, but really I just think about nothing or… something, but it’s so not applicable to anything that its basically nothing. So in the morning I leave time to day dream. Like I said earlier this day dreaming can turn into an hour long thing, especially in the morning when I’m too tired to do anything else. This is definitely a part of my morning routine! 


And lastly, but most importantly, I leave time for the Lord. More recently I have been going through a bible study called Seamless, by Angie Smith. It is amazing! It walks you through the entire bible by picking out the most important stories and characters and piecing it all together. It has given me such a better understanding of scripture. I didn’t ever have confidence talking about the bible and only half way understood sermons but this book has given me a ton of revelation. You should check it out if that sounds like something you need! 

Let me tell you, I will forever fight for a morning routine. I think it is really healthy to get up and have some quiet time before a busy day. I think an early morning run or a quick trip to the gym gets your mind in the right place and carries energy into the rest of the day. Early mornings are absolutely beautiful. The fog, the stillness, the morning sunshine. Nothing beats it! 

Most importantly I think this time with the Lord is absolutely crucial in being an obedient disciple of Christ. The world is dark, its scary, its busy, and everything is going to test your patience and distract you from your ultimate purpose. If we don't spend time with our Creator in the morning, we are more easily led astray and are more prone to fall into sin. If we don't spend this time in the morning, we might miss something the Lord wanted to tell us or a way He wanted to lead us. 

I can easily distinguish the days I spend time with the Lord in the mornings. I know this sounds dramatic but I’m honestly kinder, I have more patience, I see the people that need to be loved, and turns out I actually end up having an impact on the world around me, rather then going through the motions of another Monday. 

Its worth it. That terrible sounding morning alarm actually needs you to pay attention. It’s not because everyone is doing it on Instagram. It’s not because its what the entrepreneurs promise will give you better energy and more success. It’s because we need more of Jesus. And we need Him to be the first one we talk to and the first one we spend time with. You know, it doesn't matter how much time! Don’t put on a number on it, just try and make it more of a priority. It will change everything! 

Kenz // @mackenzieraebaker

Delight Co-Founder and Relationship Director