Morning + Quiet Time Routine from Sweetly Sally


Hey y'all! I'm Sally from and I am beyond thrilled to be writing this post for Delight today! I am such a morning person, so this type of post is right up my alley! Every day looks a little different, but there are a few things that stay constant and consistent: Jesus and breakfast. I hope y'all enjoy getting a glimpse into my morning! I'd love to hear what your morning routine looks like in the comments! Tell me what your morning routine must have is!


First step in my morning routine is actually waking up! During the summer I like to sleep in without an alarm, but I typically wake up around 7 or 8 AM. I like to say that I make my bed every day, but it rarely ever does get made. Just being honest here. Next step, time to get moving!



If you know anything about me, you know that I love fast walks. Almost every morning I either try to get a quick resistance training workout in, or a 3 mile walk around my neighborhood! Lately, I have been really into rollerblading around my neighborhood, so if the temperature isn’t too hot, I’ll do that after my walk!


Next step, unarguably the most important step in my day (along with breakfast), is spending some quality time with our Creator. I do this to set the tone for the day, to talk to Him, build that relationship, and to learn more through reading His word. My quiet time usually looks like this:

+ Read a few chapters of the book I'm reading. I just started reading Proverbs and I am loving it so far! I don't have a limit to how much I read, but I just read until my heart’s content. Some days this looks like 10 minutes, other days it looks like 30 minutes.

+ Once I finish reading some verses and chapters, I try to reflect on what I've read. Sometimes for me it can be hard to figure out how I can live the Bible out. I try to take about 5 minutes or so to just talk to God about what this looks like in my life or what it could look like.

+ Lastly, I always end with some scribbles. This usually is journaling but sometimes can be calligraphy doodles. In part of the application process for me, I love to write down my prayers and creatively express what I just learned or what's on my heart and mind.


Next step, breakfast! While other aspects of my morning routine differ, breakfast always looks the same on my plate. I always scramble two eggs and pair it with half of an avocado and some salsa (yes, it's actually good!!). If I'm extra hungry, sometimes I'll add some Ezekiel toast (this happens more often than not)!


If I'm being completely honest, if I could, I would just stay in my workout clothes or pajamas all day long without actually getting ready! Since I'm a blogger, most days are spent at my computer, so it's tempting to just stay in my pajamas. If I'm doing a fashion shoot (usually planned last minute), I'll get ready by picking out my outfit, putting on some makeup, and heading out to take some photos! When I do take the time to do my makeup, I can't live without my Tint Skin by Beauty Counter! It's made with skin-loving ingredients and it's toxic-free!


My work is very unconventional as it involves being on my computer at the comfort of my own home. With some snacks on hand, I start blogging and the rest of my day falls into place!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my morning routine! It's so fun taking time to document the routines that are engrained in us and taking a step back to see them. I don't know about you, but I think that once habits become routines, they become second nature and it's hard to function without them! Routines are so important and forming habits of spending daily time with the Lord is always a must on my agenda!

I can't wait to see what your morning must have is! Thank you!

Sweetly Sally // @sweetlysally