6 Podcasts For Your Next Road Trip

Hey y'all! I'm Emma and I have been an working at Delight this summer as their PR & Social Media intern. It has been the BEST summer ever working with the other interns and Mac & Kenz. As I wrap up this summer, I have two road trips ahead of me, one to Dallas, Texas and one to Birmingham, Alabama. I decided to do some research so I would have tons of podcasts to listen to on those 10+ hour long drives. These are my absolute favorite podcasts and I hope you love them too!

1. Breakaway Ministries

Breakaway Ministries in a non-denominational weekly sermon and bible study ran out of Texas A&M University. This podcast has tons of series that go through specific topics that are relevant to college students. I have found that it is incredibly helpful to read through scripture and listen to the podcasts that cover the same text. I have loved being able to read scripture while also listening to the history and modern understanding of it. I walk away from these podcasts feeling encouraged and enlightened by the truth of the Gospel.


2. Girl Boss

Girl Boss is a podcast that promotes women bosses that have influenced the world. Mac got me hooked on Girl Boss after the first episode. These women have made their mark in business, culture, and creative ventures. While listening to these women speak about their trials, errors and successes of being CEO’s, I feel more empowered and motivated to work harder. I absolutely love how fearless these women are!


3. Shades Valley Community Church

Shades Valley Community Church is a non-denominational church based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Jonathon Haefes, lead pastor, provides deeply-scripture-based sermons in order to fulfill the glory of God through the Gospel. Jonathon is a heavily emotional speaker, rather than being heavily fact based, in his sermons which allows for a completely different angle of the scripture. He encourages us to be involved in the global purposes of God. This is an incredible listen for those days when you want to feel deeply rooted in the Word. 


4. The Bible Project

The Bible Project is somewhat the opposite of Shades Valley and provides Biblical theology behind scripture. What is super cool about these podcasts is that there are accompanying videos and notes that go with each one. I love how they provide multiple ways for me to dive deeper into the word. Tim and John, the creators, are insanely passionate about giving free information to allow others to have access to learning all about the Bible. The length of the podcast varies which is super helpful when taking quick or long car rides!


5. S-Town

If you loved Serial, you’ll love this quick six episode podcast. S-Town is about a man named John B McLemore, from Birmingham, Alabama, and the mysteries and hidden treasures of his life. I could not stop listening to this podcast, I am obsessed. John lives in a small town outside of Birmingham, Alabama, who persistently emailed Brian Reed, NPR journalist, to come down and report on some sketchy happenings in Woodstock, Alabama. This will be you want to becoming a investigative journalist. 


6. How I Built This

If you like Girl Boss, or even the idea of it, you’ll really enjoy How I Built This. This podcast is about being an innovator, idealist and entrepreneur. All kinds of founders come on the show and provide insights on how they created their brand or started from nothing to build their dream. I love this podcast because I love hearing from the founders of companies I use on a daily basis!


Emma // @emmaeells