I am so excited to share the recap for Day 2 of our 2017 Leadership Conference! If you missed Day 1, you can catch up on that here before moving onto day 2.

If you didn't already know, a few weekends ago we had 150 of our leaders from across the country altogether in one room for a weekend of training, inspiration, community, and fun. Basically, it was the best two days ever! I still get excited thinking about it and it has been so fun to reflect on all of the transformation that occurred in one room in a matter of 48 hours. I'm going to give you a play-by-play of the entire second day. Make sure that you stick around to the bottom of this post to watch the recap video from our friend/photographer/videographer extraordinaire, Jenna. She did an amazing job capturing the essence of the Leadership Conference. 

We kicked off day 2 with you guessed it—coffee, and lots of it. With our coffee, we had a killer "build your own" yogurt parfait bar complete with chocolate chips, granola, chia seeds, fruit, and more. It was every millennial girl's dream come true! (including mine) After plenty of time to hang out, catch up, and take pics around the space, we jumped into our first session of the day—a panel with our regional directors. It was beyond special getting to know each of the RD's and their passion for the Lord and  the Delight community.  We are thrilled to have them as a part of the Delight staff and we can't wait to watch them do their thing all over the country. If you're in a Delight chapter, get excited about your regional director coming to visit sometime within the next year. You will love them! We know we do! After our RD panel we moved straight into round table discussions where all of our leaders got to share thoughts and ideas around specific topics related to Delight! It was awesome getting to meet and interact with so many leaders through out this time. They covered topics like spreading the word, fundraising, and how to address common issues within leadership teams. 

After round tables, we headed down to the park down the street for the first ever DELIGHT BOOTCAMP. I think this might've been one of my favorite moments of the weekend. Our leaders were split up into 5 teams with the regional directors acting as their coaches. My brother Chase, who just finished serving in the military as a lieutenant in the army, was our host for the festivities. Our leaders competed in three different events, a three-legged race, a La Croix chug, and a race against the clok to pop balloons without using thier hands or feet. It was hilarious to say the least! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time. I'll never forget watching some of our leaders throw back La Croix like the total girl bosses that they are. In the end, coach Brenna's team prevailed and they were awarded with the enviable inflatable pink crown. You definitely have to watch the recap video for some epic moments from our Delight bootcamp. I already can't wait for next year's games!

After bootcamp died down, we had two of our favorite local food trucks ready and waiting for us to eat lunch. I ended up talking all the way through lunch so I missed the actual eating part but I heard lots of rave reviews about the gyros and pasta. It was so fun getting to sit in the park with some of our leaders and hear how God had already started moving in their hearts. I am blown away by the caliber of our Delight leaders. They are so passionate about the Lord and are hungry for more of His spirit. It encouraged more than I can express. Those conversations are ones that I'll forever treasure! 


After lunch, we headed back inside for worship with Kirst and Dev again followed by one last workshop with Kenz where our leaders got to ask all of their final questions. Before heading out for dinner, all of our teams sat down together to create goals and dreams for the upcoming school year. It was cool to watch the entire weekend of dreaming and planning come to completion in their minds. I know that all of our leaders walked away with so many cool ideas and plans to spread Delight all over their campus. I can't wait to watch their hard work come to fruition over the next few months. 


After our final workshop, everyone dispersed around the city to grab dinner at one of their favorite Nashville restaurants with some of the new friends that they had made over the weekend. I felt like a proud momma watching everyone interact with one another. I loved seeing them on social media proudly proclaiming the things that God was teaching them and highlighting the transformations that already were occurring in their lives. 

Saturday night ended with our final session and worship night. I knew that the Lord had something amazing planned for our la time together on, but I had no clue what a truly transformative and monumental night He had in store. I got the privilege of wrapping everything up with a teaching on identity and the importance of rooting who we are in Christ.

Before I went up to speak, I found a quiet hallway for a moment by myself. I mentioned in my last blog post that the last couple months have been an extremely challenging season for me. And in that moment of preparation, I felt so weighted down by those hardships.  I was drowning in insecurity and feeling as if I was the last person to be delivering a message on identity. In that moment I would've done anything to get out of having to speak that night.

But through desperate prayers the Lord met me in that hallway and worked an instantaneous miracle. I quite literally felt my heart soften and tensions that I had been carrying around for weeks started to lift. God set me free from my false identity just in the knick of time so that I could get up and lead other leaders into freedom as well. The truth was, I could deliver a message on identity because I was currently living and breathing the struggle of forgetting who I was and to whom I belonged to.

 So, I got up on that stage and  I shared my story of struggling with placing my identity in the things of this world.  I dove into my failed pursuit of tethering who I am to what I do and not to Jesus Himself. I talked about how God calls us chosen, royal, and and belonging to Him. That's who we are. That's our identity! Nobody in that room needed those words more than I did that night. 

The cool thing was that countless leaders came up to me afterward sharing "me too" moments about how they had been believing their worth and identity was in a relationship, sports, school, affirmation from boys, their looks, etc. I got to pray over so many women who were committed to refinding their identity in Jesus. 

Kirsten and Devon led us in worship for the rest of the evening and it was INSANE! The Holy Spirit was in that room like I've never experience before. It was as if we were all one voice praising and surrendering to the Lord together. So many chains were broken that night and 150 women stepped away free and energized for a year of serving the Lord with everything they have! College campuses—get ready because these women are on a mission from the Lord and they will not be stopped! 


Mac // @macleighwilson