Where To Go Looking For Truth

The text came through at 9:30 at night. I was all wrapped up cozy in a blanket on the couch, listening to the rain falling hard from the sky. I reached over to grab my phone from it’s resting place, and the words “Tell me something true” met my eyes.

Immediately I knew someone I loved deeply was not experiencing the same peace I was that night. 

The sentence “tell me something true” is a system of accountability a friend and I have devised or our days apart. We live in different places during the school year. Our schedules are constantly being filled with chaos. Sometimes there is just not the time to be able to make a phone call or send a long novel explaining the details of a situation to the other. So as friends walking through this life together, we deemed that four word sentence to be the cue that we were in need of some truth. 

College can be a hard place to remember truth. There are so many things begging for our attention. There are so many lies being shouted at us. We get offered, what feels like, a million different identities a day—and if we were to be honest with ourselves, we would admit that sometimes they look pretty inviting. On top of that, there are classes to attend, lots of homework to do, tests and quizzes to study for. There are jobs to be worked. Old friendships to keep up, and new relationships we want to form. There are extra curricular actives to be involved in and churches to find, and so much more.

There is so much noise, in college and just in life. There is so much static trying to break up our connection between heaven and earth. If we aren’t intentional in seeking out quiet places with the Lord, it can become pretty easy to lose our way. Throw in the random nature of life, the unpredictability of our day to day, the fragility of simply being human,  and you’re bound to eventually find yourself in the place of David, asking God, “Where are you? Why can’t I hear you? How long will this last?”

We’re bound to eventually find ourselves saying, “What is true? About me, about Him? I need someone to tell me something true.”

Have you ever been there? Have you ever sat in the midst of a hard day, a broken relationship, a random tragedy, and just needed someone to tell you something true? Where would you go looking for truth?

Every day I am learning more and more that all that I am has to rest on one who is the Way and the Truth and the Life. 

We are fortunate enough to have an entire book, God-breathed, of words of truth that can build the foundation for which we build everything else upon. It is tangible. We can hold it in our hands, we can flip through it’s pages. We can literally trace the promises of God from Genesis all the way to Revelation. 

We have the Spirit, the one that dwells in us and intercedes for us when we are low. The Spirit sent from God to empower His people, to remind us whose we are and lead us in all of our ways. We have prayer, the ability to speak our need to the One whose heart longs to hear our cries. The amount of times I have found truth by simply admitting that I needed it, speaks to the faithfulness of our Father.

We have Jesus, a man well acquainted with the noise and static. He knows what it means to walk as a human being, and is no stranger to the lies and identities being offered to us everyday. Truth is found when we look at who He is, how He lived, and the way that He loved us beyond our comprehension. Truth is found when we look to the cross and remember the empty tomb. There are so many ways to find truth. He knew that we would need them. He knew we would have days that made it hard to remember. He knew and made a way for us back into a place of remembrance. 

Another one of those ways—is you.

There is a reason community is talked about, written about, spoken about, preached about, and pursued so much. We need each other. We need people to come up on either side of us as we walk through this life, to keep up going, to keep us hoping, to keep us loving, to keep us moving towards Him—to remind us of the Truth.

God uses His people. On our own we are nothing but empty vessels, but when we are filled with His truth, He can send us out to remind those who have forgotten. Or maybe tell those who have not yet heard. 

I know the people in my life that God often uses to remind me of the truth when I need it. They are the ones that I trust to respond to a text saying, “tell me something true” with words from the Word, with encouragement from the Spirit, with prayers to the Father, and with the love from our beloved Savior.

In return, I want to be ready and able to do the same. I want to know the truth and live the truth, so I can give the truth. I want to know where to go—when I need a reminder or when I am the one being asked to remind. 

As I stared at my phone screen, the words “tell me something true” illuminating the dark of my apartment, I thanked the Lord that there is never a shortage of Truth to be offered. 

I didn’t know the context of the message. I didn’t know the details or the situation in the moment. I didn’t know if the worst case scenario had just played out in real life, or if it was just a bad day in need of some remedy. I didn’t know why truth was needed that night, but I had the truth to offer regardless. 

Because His truth is constant. It is unshakable. It covers all and sustains all. It is the answer to our every question, our every doubt, our every fear—our everything. 

If someone were to text you tonight saying, “Tell me something true?” Would you have His words to say in response? Do you know the truth about whose we are? Do you know the truth about who He is?

Of if you are in need of some truth, would you be willing to send such a text? Would you be willing to seek the Word, seek the Spirit, seek the Father, seek the Son? Do you have someone who is seeking Him with you, that you could text those words too?

Let’s be both givers and receivers of His truth to each other, to His world.

Let’s push back the noise, the static, the lies, and the false identities we are being offered.

Let’s be a people who are constantly telling the world something true by the way that we live, the way we talk, and the way we love.

Jacqueline Winstead // @jacquelinewinstead