Why We Should Stop Searching

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This first week of school has been a blessing, an eye opener, and a game changer. I had the opportunity to meet with several young ladies on my campus, who have so much wisdom, kindness, and love for the Lord. Knowing these ladies for less than a week, I have already seen a few go out on a partner search around the city trying to find “Mr. Right.” With no judgment, I can relate to wanting to find the man that God has set for me.

I think it’s crazy how today’s society is always on a hunt for “the one.” But what if there is no such thing as “Mr. Right”? What if we watch too many romantic movies? What if God wants us to find something better?


After having a few deep chats with some ladies about being single in the city and meeting a godly man, I realized didn’t have much to say. Then, I caught myself saying, “just focus on becoming who God created you to be.” Right there, I knew God was speaking to me. He wants us to work on ourselves to become the one -- the one who He created us to be.

I believe that we can stop searching by doing these three points:
1. Know who God is.
2. Know who you are in Christ.
3. Become the one.

These points matter, because who we live for today, and what He says about us today, will affect who we will become in the future.

It’s hard for us to focus on ourselves because we are continually being asked if we are single and we are seeing couples around us. However, God has something better for us to focus on and that’s who he wants us to be! I believe that God has a great plan that will continually mold us and shape us till the end of time.

Marianna Pinto // @mariannapint_o