Becoming a Leader While Being Led

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As the spring semester begins, it reminds me of the start of last semester- which was my first ever in college. Being plunged into a new environment is a crazy thing, as you guys know! Luckily, my nerves were calmed pretty quickly by some amazing student leaders at my school, who made me feel comfortable in such a new place. 

As days went on I realized I was becoming too settled in being “new.” Being a “clueless freshman” had given me the excuse to stay in my comfort zone and let other, older students, do the leading. I started to think, “Well I’m new so no one will expect me to help them,” or “I’m not one of the leaders so I don’t have the obligation to guide.” While it was nice to be encouraged and loved by others, I was not truly reflecting Christ if I took all the love and didn’t share it.

I thought back to move-in day, how my heart was filled when I saw all of the upperclassmen smiling and cheering for me as I pulled up. Even a smile could give someone else the comfort that I needed on my first day! Me, even as a freshman who didn’t know exactly what they were doing could be that smiling face, door opener, or compliment that someone needed that could brighten someone’s day. 

We don’t have to be wearing a name tag that says “leader” in order to be someone with confidence, compassion, and a helping hand.

God calls us to be BOLD and I needed this experience to remember that. It reminded me that so often we sink back into our shell because we believe the lies that we are too “young” or “new” to a situation that we don’t have the credibility to lead. Even in a new place of uncertainty, God had set aside a special place for me as He does for everyone.

Going out of your comfort zone is a terrifying thing! It’s so easy for our brains to fill up with “what if’s,” and worries that cause us to back down. Honestly, the only thing bigger than these worries is Jesus. Unless we remind ourselves that He calls us to do outgoing things like offering help to a stranger, volunteering our time, or striking up a conversation with a new friend; we could easily talk ourselves out of them.

So here’s that reminder that God commands us to do BIG things even at a young age:

"But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.”

Jeremiah 1:7-8

Sarah // @sarahcrawford12


Hello! I’m Sarah, a freshman at Belmont University, who calls New Jersey home. I have a passion for all things creative: calligraphy, photography, video editing, and fashion to name a few! My favorite activity, dance, I have been a doing for as long as I can remember, spending so much time in my studio that I ended up working there. Turns out, I couldn’t stay away in college and decided to minor in dance (and major in public relations)! I’m a dreamer, (who isn’t?) and often collect my dreams in the form of Pinterest boards. I also adore worship and music in general which is why it’s so fun to be at a music-loving school within a music-loving city. I praise Jesus for getting me where I am today!