The Blessing Behind Boundaries

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kick-off prayer: Jesus, may the words I write translate directly into what each person is needing to hear from You. Open up our hearts for receiving a fresh word, and prepare our minds to be refreshed in Your name and truth. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

Boundaries. Definitely not a word that makes us want to jump up in excitement. But instead gives us a serious case of flashbacks to our mom pointing a finger at us and telling us to be home by nine on a Friday night. For the purpose of this conversation, let’s put aside the negative vibes that come with the term.

As Christians, we are called to acknowledge, set, and respect boundaries placed by others, ourselves, and most importantly, Christ.

Proverbs 4:23 tells us to “guard your heart above all else because everything you do flows from it.” A critical way we guard our hearts is through boundaries. At the 2018 Passion Conference, Christine Caine spoke on the importance of our heart. “The heart is the most vital organ in your physical body. It sends blood to all the right places, making sure everything within the body is balanced. When the heart isn’t right the entire body suffers. The same goes for your spiritual heart. The health of your spiritual heart directly affects the health of your spiritual life.”

See, boundaries are placed on our lives in one of two ways:

as a precaution (think: ten commandments) or as a consequence (not going to crazy college ragers, so you don’t go on a bender + down the spiral staircase of bad decisions). Regardless, whether we’re setting them or God is setting them up for us, we have to grow out of the mindset that boundaries = punishment.

God doesn’t put boundaries in our life to restrict us but to protect us.

So, now that you get that setting up boundaries is a healthy habit and not a harmful one, check in with yourself: 

  • what areas in your life do you need to fortify with boundaries?
  • what seemingly “sucky” circumstances are actually just situations
  • God’s protecting you from?
  • Finally, how’s your spiritual heart?

We are allowed (and smart) to place boundaries around ourselves that protect our well-being. If we don’t—let’s face it—no one else will. Showing love and respect to others does not mean forgoing loving and respecting ourselves. God wants us to live in freedom so that we can positively impact the lives of others for Him. Make yourself as effective in that role as you can be, by freeing your life from people/things that would hold you back from doing so. 

much love,


Bella // @isabellacostello


Hey, I’m Bella!

a little about me:

I’m 19 years young, born in NYC, and raised in Brazil + Florida. graphic design major @ southeastern university, barista, + photographer. I love to worship Christ through the gifts He gave me + use them to empower and encourage others - whether it be over a cup of coffee, showing how beautiful someone is when they’re just being themselves, or words/songs inspired by my personal experiences with Christ. You’ll most likely find me on my couch writing, cuddled by my two chihuahaus, and downing my fourth cup of coffee.