Why Peer Pressure Isn't Always a Bad Thing

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I was sheltered for most of my life. I went to church every Sunday; I went to a fairly decent school, where I had never seen a real fight take place, and what I was allowed to watch on t.v was (very) limited. Most of my friends knew about God, but some of them had questions, to which we, the "Jesus-knowers" would puff out our chests and tell everyone what we learned about Heaven and Hell in Sunday school last week. 

Sure I would take pride in those moments where I would boast about what I had learned in Sunday school, but it would all come crashing down when I realized I wasn't allowed to do a lot of the things my friends did. Arguments between my parents would usually end with my parents saying, "well, if so and so goes and jumps off a bridge, will you go too?" I bet you've heard that response before; it just didn't seem fair. I would stomp to my room, wishing away my childhood and wondering why my parents were so strict. But all of this changed when I got to college. Suddenly, I lived on the same floor as boys who weren't related to me, parties were on school nights (can you say, "club going up on a Tuesday"?), and my parents were nowhere to be found. While some kids used those first few weeks of college as an opportunity to go crazy, I decided to take a different approach to this whole "freedom thing." 

It started with a choice: I chose to neglect the Red Solo cups and instead, searched around for a campus Christian organization I could get involved with. Fortunately, the girl who lived in the room next to me was a sophomore who knew a lot of the Christian campus fellowships and she invited me to a couple just in the first week of school. Although it took me a while to find one that I really wanted to be committed to, it helped having friends who were pushing me and inviting me to these fellowships. Honestly, sometimes I would feel pressured to go, but hey, it was better than having friends who pressured me to go to crazy Frat parties. 

And ultimately the "peer pressure" I received from my Christian friends was the good kind of peer pressure. Not only did that pressure help me to get out of comfort zone and interact with other Christians, but it also helped me share Jesus' love with other people who may not have experienced the love of Jesus before. 

All I can say as I come to the end of my college career is that God's hand was in it all along. Although it started with a choice, once I made that choice to turn from the ways of the world, God placed people on my path that helped me grow in my faith. Not saying that I didn't have some negative influences along the way, but because I surrounded myself with so much positive influences, the negative influences didn't stand a chance! 

So I encourage you to fill your life with positive, Godly people who will help you grow in your faith. And of course, it wouldn't be beneficial if you didn't have people in your life who have questions about God. So while you grow in your faith, ask God to lead you to people who you can help grow in their faith.



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I am a college senior from Atlanta, Georgia. In my free time, I enjoy writing, spending time with my family, listening to music, and watching YouTube videos. Some of my favorite things are Jesus, journals, food and shoes. My favorite Bible verse is Zephaniah 3:17, and my favorite thing about Jesus is His sacrificial love and grace. I love how much joy and peace He brings, and I blog about my journeys with Jesus on my blog, alwaysitunu.wordpress.com. After college, I plan on taking a "gap year," while continuing on with my blog.