How to Jumpstart Your Relationship with God

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Every single year, I sit down and write out all of my goals for the new year in a coffee shop. One of the first things on my list always seems to be “grow in my relationship with God,” as any Christian girl would have on their resolution list. However, there are times where we write this seemingly simple task on our lists yet we wind up stuck in the same place by the end of the year: stagnant. 

Though remaining stagnant isn’t our intention, it’s so much easier to remain than to move forward and obtain an even deeper relationship with the Lord. As young women, there are so many other things that we worry about. From our classes, sororities, to mental health days, it can be easy to make the excuse of “I don’t know where to fit God in.” However, when we’re caught up in the middle of all of these Earthly things, God hasn’t moved.

He has remained even though we have abstained.

When we feel far from God, which one of us has moved? Even if just for a few minutes a day, a little dose of our Lord can make all the difference in transforming our walk. 

  • Wake up, pray up.

One of the easiest and best ways to redirect your heart to the Lord is to wake up to His word. Beginning the day by setting your internal compass towards the Lord’s word helps us to live our days with as much intention as possible.  For those of us that wake up and grab our iPhones before we even register where we are in the mornings (which, I am 100% guilty), an easy way to begin the day with the Word is using the Bible app. There are tons of plans that are catered to different situations and feelings, and a quick read in the word can allow you to slowly but surely start housing the word of God in your heart and to align your day’s purpose with His promises.

  • Start a prayer journal

This became one of the most essential things when I began to venture deeper in my walk with The Lord. Journaling is one of my favorite things to do. Whether I’m writing about my stressful day, my goals, anything. When I began my walk, I found myself writing about my struggles and ending my entries speaking to God. By doing this, I had the ability to be intentional with my prayers. I’m able to look back at the start of my prayer journal and see where the Lord has taken me through my walk. It’s a rewarding feeling to look back on and see how the Lord has carried you through different situations. 

  • Get involved with a community of Christ-Centered Women

When it comes to transforming your walk with the Lord, I’ve found community to be essential. Having other Christians to hold you accountable for what you’re living out can truly make all the difference. Finding a Delight chapter on your campus to become involved with or getting a group of women together to read the Delight devotionals with is a great starting point. Having community can help you to establish a backbone of women who are on the same page as you in wanting to deepen their relationship with the Lord. 

  • Work to inspire others

It may seem crazy to try and get others on board while you’re still growing in your own faith, but reaching out to those who might be lukewarm in their faith can make a difference in your own walk. By introducing one to Christ, you have the ability to see how God can change someone else’s life and inspire you to continue and deepen your own walk. The easiest way to inspire others is to be a light in this dark world. How you live your life can encourage others.

  • Choose to walk in love every single day

This seems to be the most essential. When we walk in love, we are ultimately surrendering our Earthly ways to God and choosing to be guided by His love. By doing this, we deepen our relationship with God as we are trusting in Him for all aspects of our lives. By walking in love, we are attempting to live as Jesus did and embracing the brokenness of ourselves and others, because we know who our perfect healer is above. 

Sometimes, deepening our relationship with God is difficult. By incorporating the few tips above, it’s possible to obtain our desired relationship with Him. By God’s grace, we can always learn to walk again. 

Autumn // @autumn_ellece


Hello! My name is Autumn, like the season. I'm a college gal from the beautiful, tropical land of Tom Sawyer, studying Journalism at the University of Missouri. In high school, I realized the importance of Christ and the passion that I have for my Faith. Life was crazy, but I learned that Jesus will always be present. My prized possession is my YouTube channel, OhSoAutumnx, where I strive to show young women that loving Christ is cool and that positivity is always en vogue. When I'm not talking to a camera, I’m more than likely going to a meeting for one of my organizations, crying in the presence of a cute dog, binge-watching Scandal and YouTube videos (with a $5 Hot-N-Ready Pizza), or laughing at Twitter memes with my best friends! 

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