To the Girl Doubting Her Worth

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In Sunday school, they used to talk about how we were "made in God's image" and we would get little rubber bracelets with that statement stamped into the silicone. That statement was stamped onto our hearts at a young age, without us fully grasping its meaning. In high school, I wrote that on the mirror in my closet with blue Expo marker, a tucked away reminder of who I am and who God has called me to be. Every morning I would open the door to check my outfit and see those words. Sometimes I would just sit on the floor with the door closed behind me and gaze at the message. What does that mean, to be made in God's image? Me, in all of my mess and shortcomings, is the image of God?

I came to realize that every good and beautiful thing within me: my compassion for others, my passion to serve, my way of romanticizing everything, my need to comfort others, all of it. That is God. Our hearts are the masterpiece of a skilled artist, one who has decided to place His own attributes in the midst of His work. God loves joy and laughter, kindness, and passion for what is good. God is everything we are and never will be. Perfection and imperfection together. Every intricate piece of who you are has a place and a purpose, and God doesn’t overlook that. He sees your love for people or your passion for art. He sees the ways you choose to use the parts of yourself for the Kingdom. And even when days are hard and you don’t feel worthy, God looks at you and whispers, "You and I are in this together- and I love it”.

I've discovered that the more I come to know God, the more I come to know myself. I used to see myself as limited, shy, and without purpose. Maybe you can relate to the days where it’s hard to leave the house because of the aches inside, much less to see yourself as someone of value. But God came in and changed that. Through the revelation of His love, He swept into my life leaving me derailed. The faded, blue expo marker statement became etched into the fabric of my life. This God, not the one full of commands and judgement, but the one full of utter adoration for us loved my heart back together bit by bit. I never knew I was broken until holes began to be filled. This God that I discovered filled every part of me, and I began to love myself again-knowing that He was so in love with me that I could see myself the way He wants me to. And it’s the same for you.

God loves the details of you, the way you laugh alittle too loudly or squint in the sunlight.

He wants to know you more and remind you each and every day that your life is worth living. Whether you're in middle school, high school, college, a mother, a daughter, a friend, or maybe you think you're nothing at all: you matter.

With every breeze that blows the leaves on the trees softly to the ground, you matter. With every first breath and last breath, you matter. With every cup of coffee cradled in the hands of friends catching up, you matter. In the long drives to work and the nights spent wondering who you are, you matter. In the lonely tears cried in the shower, you matter. Your heart is not to be taken lightly. The things within you-the good and the bad- are you. A beautiful mess that was placed here with a divine purpose. God sees you and loves you in a way that is incomprehensible amidst a world of broken heartedness.

You are a woman of worth. Repeat it, know it, believe it.

Be all that you are, and don’t let yourself become watered down by the doubts that say you’re nothing more than what’s in the mirror in your closet. Because I promise, you are so much more. Say yes to knowing God deeply, and know that you are worthy of this kind of love not because of anything you've done but because of simply who God is. Be you- in all of your glorious mess.

Taylor McElderry // @taylor.mcelderry


Hi friends, my name is Taylor McElderry! I am studying Elementary Education and Non-Profit Organizational Studies at the University of Oklahoma. In order to paint a picture of who I am, here are some things I love: people, coffee, international missions, painting, sunny days, hugs, authenticity, Dr. Pepper, old movies, deep laughter, passionate people, and the Gospel. I love stringing words together in an effort to exemplify Christ and the ways He has changed my heart. I hope that you may find a glimpse of the Kingdom and a friend to walk alongside you through the words I write!