Going to College with God


I’m a big routine girl. To-do lists, above-desk calendars, colorful pens, wow, I love it all way too much. I like to know what’s happening, when it’s happening, where it’s happening, and who it’s happening with. I like to have a distinct time for homework, for coffee dates, for cooking (more like reheating), for exercise, and, on a special day, naps.

And then there’s alone time with God. In the same way I pencil people and activities into my schedule, I pencil time with Him in. Aside from Sunday and my women’s ministry group, I try to find Him in the ten minutes before I get out of bed and/or go to bed.

I plan when and where I will experience His presence. A routinized faith.

I’ve found myself keeping time with God to a very specific part of my day or week. I’ve convinced myself that that’s when it has to take place and that’s how it’s supposed to look like.

But, oh my goodness, that is not at all how He wants to be revealed in your life! God moments don’t just live in the quiet, peaceful pages of your devotional. He isn’t limited to your Sunday morning or Bible study group. And prayer doesn’t have to be this extensive, detailed speech at the end of the day.

Isolated times and spaces that are dedicated to spending intentional time knowing God are so special and so needed.

But what if you saw Him as clearly as you do in your alone time with Him while walking to class; while working on an assignment; while cooking dinner; while texting a friend; while playing an intramural game?

I don’t think these are times or spaces we often find God because they aren’t places we often invite Him into.

A few weeks ago, I was at my desk with my planner and a half-written paper in front of me. All that had been on my mind that morning were all of the things I had yet to do. And a text message from one of my sweetest friends popped up on my computer screen. It said, “I have such an insane Jesus moment to share with you.”

I can’t tell you how light my soul got and how easy life felt in that moment, to see God’s presence in a space full of stress and deadlines.

My heart kind of went, “Oh.” And God kind of went, “Hi, hello, here I am, welcome home.”

I catch myself looking forward to Sunday, thinking how amazing it’ll be to “finally” spend some time with the Lord. But how crazy is it that we are at home with Him all of the time! College can be busy and hectic and tiring. And He wants every part of that. He doesn’t want to be kept separate from the things that don’t really seem very holy or spiritual at first glance. You don’t have to wait to be in His presence. He is with you constantly, and sometimes we need to drop our pencils and look up from our textbooks to see Him.

Here are just a few tiny, tangible ways to weave God into every part of your schedule:


But not the eyes shut, before bed, all alone kind of prayer. I mean a chitchat; a quick check-in. Nothing fancy or well-thought-out, even. I’ve grown up thinking that prayer is done in a very structured way. But at its core, it’s simply talking with God. And that can be done all the time, in any capacity. Right before a quiz. While you’re running at the gym. Anywhere, for however long you want it to be.


Listening to worship music while I do homework or while I’m on my way to class has always been such a small, yet sweet way I’ve felt God as I walk (sometimes literally) through my day. Sometimes all it takes is the beginning of one of my favorite songs to feel so covered in peace and security while I’m studying.


I can’t tell you how much of my day is spent in front of some kind of screen. Maybe instead of watching Netflix one night, you start a sermon series through one of your favorite churches. Or you listen to a cool faith-filled podcast while grocery shopping. Or scroll through a Bible lesson plan app during lunch. Or read a Delight blogpost while you’re waiting on a friend. I also follow a few Christian social media accounts, which never fail to be a bright reminder of His steadiness as I try to catch a study break.


This one is my favorite! That text message from a fellow sister really opened my eyes to how beautiful of a gift it is to share the ways in which God is showing up for us with others. But also the ways in which we’re struggling to see God, too. Reaching out to others and sharing where you’re at in your faith throughout the week is seriously such a cool thing to be able to do! I absolutely love when someone sends me a Bible verse that really spoke to them. Or being able to exchange prayer requests when I run into someone in the hall. If God is working in you, pour that love into someone else.

You got this, busy bee! He lives right in the middle of our loaded calendars and color-coordinated planners. Go to college with God.

I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me. -Pslam 16:8

Lani-Faith Lucas // @lanilucas


I'm Lani and I love all things sunny and sandy and I have my little island of a home, Oahu, to thank for that. I'm a senior at Gonzaga University #gozags and Spokane has gifted me a heart for servanthood and storytelling. I hope my career is filled with sweet kiddo laughs and lotsa grace for people who once seemed so different from me. I look at the dessert menu before reading the actual menu; I can't wait to be a dog mom; I'm a big flower field girl; and I just loveee meeting pieces of Jesus in others.