Keep Going

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You, daughter, were woven in wonder and destined to do great things. 

If you could only see the blessing that’s coming your way, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you’re fighting. It’s all going to be worth it, so keep going!

Isaiah 42:16 says, "I will lead them in a way that they do not understand and in paths that they have not seen I will guide them. I will turn the darkness before them into light and the rough places into level ground. These are the things I do & I do not forsake them."

 Whether life has you on a mountain top or in a valley, remain steadfast and grow through what you go through. God is holding you tightly, yet tenderly in His arms. He has caught every single tear that has slowly rolled down your cheek. If you’re finding yourself knocked down on your knees, position yourself in prayer, get up and keep going! He’s with you on the mountain tops and He’s with you in the valleys. He is the alpha and omega, the beginning and end, forever faithful and true! Nothing comes close or could ever compare to His comfort and strength. 

 Let’s be a generation of women that operate with hearts of gratitude, committing to the controllable, surrendering the outcome and trusting the process. Despite how messy it may get; I want to encourage you to always take one more step.

A plethora of Bible stories begin with one person taking one step and usually it’s in the midst of chaos. In result of their tenacity and faith, something extraordinary takes place. You are no different! Even if your current life circumstances give you every reason to give up, take one more step and keep going! Let me encourage you with the truth that whatever problem or pain you’re facing right now, pales in comparison to the promised prize of eternity. Let’s join hand in hand with others and live with the utmost desire to honor God and delight in His love. 

 You are more than enough and made on purpose for a purpose, keep going!

Kayla Huth // @kayladhuth


Hello lovelies, my name is Kayla Dawn. I am a 20-year-old junior at Southeastern University majoring in Ministerial Leadership. I am originally from Florida, but I am currently living in North Carolina! I work with the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team as a TV host and interviewer. I also have a huge heart for kids, mission work, social media influencing & healthy living so I dabble in those areas as well. Some of my interests include spending time with family, reading & writing, traveling, working out or playing/writing Christian music. It is my life goal to spread the light & love of Jesus Christ in all I say & do. So my prayer is that through this blog that He put on my heart, you are reminded that you are loved & more than enough!