In the Office with Mac & Kenz!


Get to know Mac & Kenz

The Co-Founders of Delight!

We love our Delight founders Mac & Kenz! Ever wonder what their life over at headquarters in Nashville is like? Picture pink decor, multiple projects being juggled at once, constant decisions to be made, bursts of laughter, and the occasional dog running around. I sat down in the newly redecorated office and asked them about running Delight and a few of their favorite things!


Describe your role in running Delight

Kenz: Well we’re actually changing them right now. So Mac is moving into “Executive Director of Strategy and Spiritual Development”

Mac: Yeah so I’ll be focusing on: spiritually- where is the organization headed, and strategy- how are we getting there.

Kenz: And then mine is “Executive Director of Business and Staff Development” so I’m in charge of logistics and overseeing our staff.

At what point did you realize Delight could be something you did after college

Mac: So Delight had always been a fun project that we had thrown ourselves into all of college. Kenz and I were always waking up early and going to coffee shops to work on it. We were doing college and on the side writing books and starting chapters. We had this one closet at our house that was stuffed to the brim with Delight stuff- haha!

But fall semester of senior year we decided to get a co-working office and made our schedules so we only had classes Tuesday/Thursday and could spend the other days at the office. At that point we were still thinking “can we make this work?”

In November of our senior year Kenz sat me down and said, “Take this conversation very seriously- are we gonna do this? Are we gonna commit to Delight”? We both decided we’d make the sacrifices and do what we’d need to do to make it happen.

On winter break that year we went on a retreat to this cabin and had a call with a donor who agreed to support our whole first year. At that point we realized, “Wow, God made this happen”! So we knew then that after we graduated this would be our full time thing.

How many chapters are there currently

Kenz: 120!

Something you always bring to work

Kenz: Haha well we’re both quite a mess…

Mac: Yeah, we don’t prepare. There’s a Kroger across the street from our office so that’s where we get anything we forget...I do always bring a sweater since it’s cold.

Kenz: I have my coffee in a mug that’s spilling over because I don’t have any to-go cups. Oh and sometimes my workout clothes for after.

What time do you wake up and what’s the first thing you do

Kenz: Oh no, we’re a mess with this too…

I’ll usually wake up around 6:30 and go for a run but it depends so that doesn’t happen everyday!

Mac: Well I wake up between 6 and 6:30 not by my own choice…. my dog wakes me up to take her out.

You recently redid the office- what’s your favorite part

Kenz: Mac and I working across the table again! We used to be in separate offices.

Second to that, probably the whiteboard.

Mac: Yes, we’re obsessed with the whiteboard- haha!

Best part about working together

Kenz: Oh, for sure laughing together.

Mac: Yeah we just have the same humor. Also we have to make so many big decisions we have to make it fun and laugh through it together.

A woman you look up to and why

Kenz: I’m in a super inspiring small group right now and the woman who runs it, Maggie, has taught me a lot about discipline in my faith and in leading other people. She taught me what it looks like to invest in your relationships.

Mac: My friend Jana, who works for the church I got to. With passion and humility in everything she does, I always find myself thinking I aspire to be like that. She’s really stepped into the giftings the Lord has given her.

Most rewarding part of your work

Mac: I think the most rewarding part is...two things:

Number one, I feel like we have a front row seat to watch God move and see the prayers that we’ve prayed in action. That’s just the coolest thing in the world.

And secondly, I think it’s so rewarding to be able to do it all with your best friend everyday. I think back to us sitting in Starbucks with like three chapters and not ever thinking it would go beyond that. And then getting to sit here 5,6 years later getting to see what God’s done and having someone to share that with.


Favorite worship song right now

Kenz: I like the whole new Mosaic album “Heaven”!

Mac: Mine is “Seasons” by Hillsong. Also “New Wine”.

Mac isn’t Mac without

Kenz: Hmm… her attitude. One day she’s like “I’m gonna tell everyone what to do because I’m the boss”. And sometimes she’s super spiritual and humble. She’s always had a big personality- like the first time I met her was in a game circle at orientation and she was running this game circle.

Kenz isn’t Kenz without

Mac: Chaos, a mess, haha! In the best way possible. She brings all the energy and fun.

Can you give us a look into something coming up for Delight

Mac: We have this book “For the Girl”, and we’re making a part two! This one will be the “For the Girl Workbook” called “How to Prepare for your Future Love Story”. It’s not anything like how to find your future husband, but more how to become who God created you to be.

The first part of the workbook is a quiz to identify how you approach dating. I think it’ll be a really awesome tool that’ll give women a healthy way to talk about dating. We’re really excited about the book and our For the Girl tour!

Sarah Crawford // @sarahcrawford12