Five Books for Your Faith

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My relationship with books has been a messy one. We endured a few breakups; I felt like we didn’t understand each other for a while.

In elementary school, we had reading logs where we had to list all of the books we’ve read in the past month and how long we spent reading every night. Long story short, I forged my reading log—a very real depiction of where I was at in my faith at the age of 6.  

In high school, it occurred to me that things would need to become more serious. I needed to put more time and effort to get something out of it. So I started annotating. Highlighting. Taking notes. But it was solely academic. AKA friendzoned.

The thought of finding a love affair in this relationship seemed silly. Then, one day, I came across a book recommendation that just really stuck with me. I ended up giving it a shot. I took it with me to Europe during my Spanish semester abroad. A pretty ambitious first date, I know. And I was won over.

That’s our love story.

Reading has pushed me to know Him deeper and wider; to learn and find Him through different perspectives and stories.

I hope these stories spark something special for you, too, sis.


Good or God – John Bevere

This is the one. That book I took with me to Madrid! Oh boy, what a first book it was to invite into my faith journey. What’s crazy, though, is how challenging its message remains for me over a year later. This book called me into the truth. And the truth is really, really where I needed to be; where I am struggling to be every single day.

To know the difference between what is good and what is God is a discernment process that lasts the entirety of our lives. Thankfully we don’t have to do it on our own. If this is a distinction that has been on your heart, this is me lovingly calling you into the truth.


Uninvited – Lysa Terkeurst

This book makes me think of the summer, which is probably my favorite season. And the summer I read this book will always hold some of the sunniest and warmest God moments to me because of the words He gifted to Lysa. “Living loved.” What a bold mission. A mission Christ has spoken over our lives. Every move, thought, emotion that we come across, He calls us to experience as the loved daughters and sons that we unconditionally are. But there are so many things in this world that whisper, or maybe even yell, lesser, shameful identities into our minds, and eventually our hearts.

You don’t need permission to be healed, forgiven, or invited. These pages are clothed with the God-given grace you deserve every millisecond of every day.


The Shack – William Paul Young

My rebellious 6-year-old self still comes out once in a while. Except this time, I was provoked by someone who is now one of my most special ladies, but at the time, I only knew for about three months. She got me to skip religion class. But it was because William Young was speaking on campus that day, which cancels out, so I think God understood.

 I don’t think I’ve lost too many good-Christian points since 1st grade.

 It’s funny because I say that with such a light heart. Not to mock that mindset, but to validate it, actually. This belief of a point-system is SO real. It was deeply rooted in my heart. And this book planted nothing but new life in me.


Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis

Oh baby, what a dense read this one is. Not just in vocabulary or syntax, but in life-givingness and divine wisdom. From the same mind that gifted us The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord uses as a vessel to wonderfully display who He truly is and who Christians are to truly be.

 Recommended to me by someone who is just as an amazing bearer of light and knowledge. I didn’t think philosophical writing could fall under life-givingness until you :)


Everybody, Always – Bob Goff

This is just the happiest, yet purest way to remind us who we are to love and how often we are to do so: everybody and always.

 This is the way that Jesus loved.

 It’s kind of funny how simple it sounds. But maybe it is this simple? Maybe the more we give in to what this world says about who to love and who not to love, the more complicated it gets? Find grounding and an open heart in Bob’s words.


I love that the stories and thoughts of others have sparked new stories and thoughts for myself. These books remind of specific people; of vivid moments; and of the vulnerable places that I’ve come from. There is something beautiful about being alone with a book and with God that leaves you with who you are right now and who He is shaping you to be.

Lani-Faith Lucas // @lanilucas


I'm Lani and I love all things sunny and sandy and I have my little island of a home, Oahu, to thank for that. I'm a senior at Gonzaga University #gozags and Spokane has gifted me a heart for servanthood and storytelling. I hope my career is filled with sweet kiddo laughs and lotsa grace for people who once seemed so different from me. I look at the dessert menu before reading the actual menu; I can't wait to be a dog mom; I'm a big flower field girl; and I just loveee meeting pieces of Jesus in others.