3 Steps to Studying for Finals

It’s that time of year again!

No, I’m not talking about Christmas (yet sadly), but finals week!! It can be a really overwhelming, stressful, and difficult time for us college gals so here are some tips for creating a great work space to get that work donnee! Let’s go girls, you got this!

study 5.jpg
  1. Environment

What kind of surroundings do you work best in? I know I work way better in a coffeeshop than I ever will in my bedroom. In my own room I feel distracted, isolated, and bored. But working in a coffeeshop is inspiring, energizing, and even feels social for me. So find that space that works best for you. Carve out a block of a few hours to be able to get in the zone in an environment that makes you happy and productive.


2. Fuel

I get hungry way faster when using a ton of brain power so make sure you fuel up on energizing foods! Eat a big breakfast before you get started for the day and bring snacks like protein bars to your work space so that you aren’t distracted by hunger. Also, I let myself have a treat like chocolate (yummm) when I’ve worked hard all day so I can look forward to it.

3. Goals

Make an achievable checklist for the day. If you have an exam in a few days, split up the chapters so that you’re only concentrating on a couple each day. Don’t go over the top on the checklist- keep it to the things you can realistically do without stressing out.

Also: remind yourself that in the end you are living for Jesus- not test scores :)

You’re almost there ladies!

Sarah Crawford // @sarahcrawford12