For The Girl Seeking More

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I’ve been giving myself a pep talk lately. A pep talk filled with encouragement to embrace this season, where I am, and what I am doing. An invitation to be fully present rather than anxious for the next “big thing.” A pep talk that encourages to step away from comparison. Anyone else? If you’re in a season of transition, or even a season of stagnation, I hope this is just what you need. 

For several years I’ve been stuck in the cycle of believing the lie that when X was finished, then X would happen and my life/circumstances would magically transform for the better. For example, when I graduated from college I anticipated a floodgate unleashing a refreshing flow of freedom, creative energy, and confidence that would fuel a new community, a move to a new place, and a new job. Instead, I moved home, felt lonely and stuck, and came up empty handed from the job search. My expectations in comparison to my reality left me feeling like I had failed and like I wasn’t enough.  

Rather than being honest about the transition I was experiencing and how I was truly feeling, I projected that the new season was one of joy, exciting new beginnings, and freedom. In reality, I felt chained to fear, isolated from community, and unqualified. When I began being honest with where I was, first with myself and then with others, it opened space for Jesus and space for Him to show up. I began setting aside fear, comparison, plans and expectations.

My own desires clouded my perspective, leaving me blinded to God’s presence, to what I needed, and to where the Lord was asking me to be patient and where He was growing and preparing me. As Bob Goff says in Love Does,“…we just need to stop plotting the course and instead just land the plane of our plans to make a difference to the “do” part of faith.”

We get to decide in each circumstance, opportunity, or season whether we lean in or step back – to say yes, to be honest, ignore, or tell God why we are the wrong woman. God is continually inviting us into a life of adventure, away from the typical expectations of the world. He invites us to leave all the comparisons and thoughts, for something more tailored to us. We just need to be fully engaged to recognize and live the kind of life that Jesus invited us to be a part of.

I’m slowly learning the importance of being present in my life and focusing on the process rather than frantically pursuing perfection. To be honest, I desire more in this new season, but I’m encouraged by this quote from Bob Goff, “…when Jesus invites us on an adventure, He shapes who we become with what happens along the way. He says, let’s go after those things that inspire and challenge you and let’s experience them together.” I’m learning that we don’t need a lot of details, luggage, or equipment, just a willingness to move forward with a Father who cares for us deeply. When we’re on an adventure with God, we’re too excited to be afraid and too engaged to be thinking of anything else. 

Although we may feel hesitant to move forward or to remain still because we lack clarity and do not have full access to the blueprints, we can be confident that gaps leave room for Jesus. As we walk with Jesus, we’ll see fruit and He’ll show us a life of true freedom and abundance. We will live as Jesus called us to live, tailored to us. We can confidently set comparison aside, knowing that God doesn’t compare our pursuits of Him; He delights in them. And just as God delights in our pursuits, He delights in our impossible prayers. 

I want to encourage you to pull away from the world, leave gaps for Jesus, and tune in to what the Lord is asking you to do and who He’s called you to be. In this season of wanting more, gently remind yourself who you belong to and who you are in the Lord. I want to encourage you to prayerfully move forward in this season and lean in with this prayer:

“Dear Lord, 

You’ve placed crazy dreams and desires in my heart. They seem so big and so far out of my grasp. My deepest desire is to live a life soaked in significance – one that serves You and honors You. In this season of wanting more, I trust that You have slowed me down intentionally for such a time as this. 

As I reflect upon this season and my expectations, I ask that You help me to see value and purpose. Remove the pride and remove the pain as I relinquish the lies lingering from my expectations. I pray that You would show me my true purpose and value – the purpose and value found in my voice, grace, love, passion, persistence, and my willingness to surrender. Help me to boldly embrace and showcase my purpose and value like never before. 

Let me be a mighty vessel for You and showcase what it means to grow in and from the tree of life. Anchor me in wisdom, discernment, and love. Renew my mind so I boldly believe I am all that you say I am as you stretch me and expand my perspective. 

Let me stand out, Lord. Let me unapologetically illuminate the brilliance, intellect, creativity, and diverse array of talent You have intentionally deposited within me. All that I am, all I have, and all I am able to do comes from You. Remind me that my success is not about me but about You as the God who lives in me. 

I am ready to have an impact that leaves behind your magnificent imprint. Lord, when You said let there be light, thank you for giving me permission to shine. Help me to remain in You and leave gaps for you to fill.

Lord, I trust you in this season. Thank you for transition and preparing me in all seasons. Thank you for Godfidence and giving me permission to fully + Unapologetically Shine. 


The Lord has already told us who we are and the life of adventure He has in store for us. Now we just need to believe Him and live it out fully and unapologetically. 

As you move forward in your day, ask the Lord to reveal what is holding you back from being present in this season. Ask the Lord to reveal what it looks like to pursue a life of adventure in Him and who He created you to be. 

How can you shine unapologetically today?

We can be reminded that our success is not about us or as a result of us in Ephesians 2:8-10.

In Romans 12:6, we are encouraged to set comparison aside and shine as the Lord called us to.

The author of John 15:5-8 reminds us to stay rooted in the Lord and seek counsel in Him.

Karly // @karlyprichard