How To Find Fulfillment In Christ's Love

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So It’s February, the month of love. I’ve been hearing a lot of mixed reviews about Valentine’s Day lately; that it’s only fun if you’re in a relationship, or it’s just a Hallmark holiday, but honestly, I like it. The red and pink heart decorations are adorable, and it’s a nice reminder to love on my friends. I think it’s cute to give out cards or gifts to show people that you appreciate them.

But, it’s also a reminder to me that human affection is not enough for us. 

We aren’t perfect, we let people down, we fall short of expectations, and we can’t expect to change that. Unfortunately, candy and roses are not enough to completely fill someone up. No matter what I do, my love will fall short because I’m human. I often find myself let down by others because of this as well. When I rely on people to show me appreciation and fill my self-confidence and worth, I will always be disappointed, but I can’t put that on them. The only pure form of love I will ever find is Jesus, but I often forget to turn to Him for fulfillment. 

I love the analogy of having a God-shaped hole that needs to be filled because that’s exactly what it’s like. There is a place in our hearts that only God can fill; while humans can only satisfy it insufficiently or temporarily. I go through phases where I forget this- where I let myself be defined by how others treat me. Time and time again, I find myself unsatisfied.

So here’s the secret: we have to learn to let God in and allow Him to fully love us. Allowing the comments of the world to sustain you will not lead you to be content. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Who are you listening to?

Often, we let the voice of the world be louder than God’s. I can do this by letting compliments go to my head or, in the opposite way, letting criticism or insults tear me down. Tuning to His voice is something that I am trying to work on. Let His voice be magnified in your life above all others!

2. Are you letting God fully love you?

When I reflect on this question, my realistic answer is that I’m not always. I don’t spend as much time with God as I set out to and I need to work on quieting my mind and listening to Him. Believing the lies that today’s society tells you is another way of shutting God’s love out. Without noticing it, I am blocking out His love from fully taking over my life. Even though I always know “Jesus loves me” I have moments where I remember how thoroughly and completely loved I am through Christ and it is the most peaceful and joyful realization. Allow His love to envelop you and rest in the fact that you are His. 

3. Where is the balance between letting humans love you and letting their love define you?

Now this is the tricky question. It’s hard to know where the line lies between what’s guarding my heart too much from human love and finding my identity in the love I get from in others. A good point of reference for me is to be sure I can always point the root of my identity back to Jesus Christ. Building a foundation in Him has kept me grounded through bumps in Earthly relationships that would have otherwise completely crushed me. If you had nothing else, would you be okay with knowing all you have is God?

During this Valentine’s season, remember the true love we have in God that is so much greater than any satisfaction we can gain through cards, gifts, dates, or anything of this Earth. 

John 15:19 "If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world."

Sarah // @sarahcrawford12