Why Rejections Are Hidden Blessings

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We all have qualities or characteristics about ourselves that we've been rejected for. Maybe you weren't deemed as the coolest, he smartest, or the prettiest. Maybe people think you're just weird (which is completely okay; I'm pretty weird too). The point is, no matter who you are, we've all been judged and rejected at some point in our lives. But have you ever thought that this might just be for the best?

Think about it, whenever you're trying to fit in you have to give up something. It might be your morals and values, or your love for the cello, or maybe like me you have to give up your weirdness in order to be accepted. And sometimes, even when we do give up things in order to fit in, the people we're trying to fit in with still reject us. Talk about a lose-lose situation.

I've been wearing glasses since I was in second grade. I don't know how to contour like Kim K. And while I'm a pretty chill person, I wouldn't consider myself the coolest popsicle in the freezer (see, like who says that?). But through rejection, I've learned to embrace these qualities and a lot of the other things I used to dislike about myself. I realized that the rejections I had received because I wasn't "this enough" or "that enough" were just what I needed in order to become my true self, to become who God created me to be. God used other people's rejections towards me as a way to show me who I was to Him, which is really all that matters.

If I had never ever been rejected in my life, not only would no one know the real me, but I wouldn't even know the real me. I would have completely lost myself by gradually giving myself away, all to be "accepted" by the world. 

Aren't you glad you were rejected because you didn't dress a certain way, act a certain way, or talk a certain way? Aren't you glad you didn't know how to conceal and contour your way through middle school? Aren't you glad you didn't make the cheerleading team?

If you're not glad about your past rejections, I completely get it. Rejection is difficult, and it takes time to get over; but the thing is, God works wonders through rejected people. And even when you feel rejected by everyone else, you will never be rejected by God. 

Although it might not seem like it, God is using rejection to reveal your true self to you. So rejoice!

Itunu // @Itunu_aro