How to Implement Consistency In Your Walk With The Lord

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My seventh through eighth grade years were spent writing a fanfiction about Justin Bieber. (Can someone say Bieber Fever?) As crazy as it sounds, this fictional story about a boy that I have never met became a huge hit. I was pumping out chapters left and right, with thousands of other Bieber-crazed girls reading them. I was so consistent. As time went on and my so-thought unfaltering, unconditional love for Justin Bieber began to waiver, the inconsistency set in. I felt as if nothing could top what I was doing and my readers would always be there. I started writing less and less, and what was once 700 reviews per chapter dwindled to 4 reviews. Of course growing up was a part of it, but looking back, I couldn’t help but think that inconsistency also played a role.

When I reflected on this scenario for a minute, it occurred to me: this weird Justin Bieber situation oddly mirrors what happens when we’re stagnant with our prayer life. How often have we been inconsistent with our prayer life because we feel we have it all figured out or we want to do it our way? When we’re inconsistent in prayer, the gaps in our heart are more evident. Our foundation has cracks, making it that much easier for the enemy to slip between those cracks. Consistency is the key to filling those cracks, and that consistency comes in the form of Jesus. How can you begin to implement consistency in your walk with the Lord? 

1.)   Through Prayer.

How often do we pray when things seem to be going completely wrong? A lot. We often times call out to God when it seems like we’re sinking. Though that is what we should be doing, how often are we praying when times are good? God wants us to pursue Him in all things. Through the good and through the bad, God wants us to be consistent with Him, and we can do so through consistent prayer.

2.)   Putting Faith Behind Your Desires.

This one holds especially true for prayers. When you pray, it’s important to pray with the perspective that God delivers when we put action behind our prayers. We must put faith behind our prayers if we want to see something take place. If we pray for a job, we need to do our part in our relationship with God by putting in the action to apply or to follow up with the job. One is only as strong as their faith. 

3.) Understanding That Unanswered Prayer is an Answered Prayer.

How many times have you prayed for something you thought you wanted, but God didn’t deliver? Probably a lot. Prayers going unanswered by God are, believe it or not, a gift. When one door closes another is unlocked. God wouldn’t be a good father if He gave us everything we asked for. Daniel 3:18 says it best: “And if not, He is still good.” 

4.) Through Accountability.

Hold yourself accountable in consistency by setting goals for yourself. Maybe that goal is to read your bible every morning, to attend a bible study more often, to get involved with a small group. Whatever that goal is, be sure to let friends, family, small group leaders, etc. know your goals. Accountability also comes from community. 

5.) With Patience.

Understand that being consistent with your prayer life is not going to result in immediate gain. The change that you feel in your heart will be gradual. Dedicating yourself to consistency will require a lot of patience before you notice a difference in your life. Some of God’s best work is done through waiting. 

As much as I hate to admit it, I’ve definitely been inconsistent. Not only with a Justin Bieber Fanfiction, but in my prayer life as well. During my drought of inconsistency, the lies of the enemy were so easily believed. The shiny sin being dangled in front of me seemed better than what our God had to offer. Ridiculous, right? Well, I’m here to tell you today folks, whatever the enemy tempts us with is never better than what our God will offer: a sure-fire promise to perfect peace and eternal glory. 

To be consistent with our prayer life is to be armed with the artillery of all things good. When you wake up in the morning, the things of this world will try to attack you with lie after lie. Who will be the one to fall? The consistent girl who is armed with the Word of the all-knowing, eternal God? Or the girl who looks to these Earthly things and subconsciously make them her center? You decide which girl you want to be, and the difference between those two girls is simply consistency. 

Autumn // @autumn_ellece