5 Reasons to Listen to Worship Music

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I have such a love and passion for worship music because if music is powerful, and scripture is powerful, then scripture based music can be life changing. I’ve been through rough and shaky times in my life where all I’ve listened to is worship music because I knew I needed the constant hope and encouragement. If you want to, I totally recommend doing a worship music cleanse for a month and see how it changes your daily attitude and faith. Regardless, adding more praises into your life can make such a difference! Here are five reasons why:


I came home for spring break expecting to be running from one thing to the next- cramming in visits with all of my friends and family in the few days that I had. Instead, the first morning I woke up in my bed, I was met with a horrible migraine that caused me pain like I’ve never felt before. The only relief I could get was listening to worship music on loop and trying to concentrate on those words. When I was feeling so pained and helpless, God sent me His Word through music to hang on to, and know that I would get through it. In moments of sickness, disappointment, and doubt, sometimes it’s all I can do to turn on a worship song- and luckily that’s enough.  

“Hills and Valleys (Acoustic)” - Tauren Wells

This song is a reminder that God is faithful through the ups and the downs. The repetition of the lyric “...and I am not alone” always brings me back to the truth that God is right next to me in whatever trial I face. 

Favorite lyric: “No matter where I am, I’m standing in your love”


of my biggest fears is having to get any form of medical procedure. So when I found out I had to get my wisdom teeth out last year, I was terrified. The only thing that could truly calm me down is listening to relaxing worship songs and having those lyrics to hold on to. When I went in that morning for the surgery, I had lyrics in my head that I could repeat to relax myself. 

“Jesus King of Angels” - Fernando Ortega

I listen to this song every time my plane takes off to calm my nerves. It’s written like a lullaby, so it’s also helped me when I’ve had trouble falling asleep.

Favorite lyric: “But you are mindful when the sparrow falls, and mindful of the anxious thoughts that find me, surround me, and bind me”


Ov er the summer, I volunteered at a camp where my job required getting up super early to make the camp food. Working all day required energy, and we wanted to be able to serve the kids with enthusiasm. We played the Hillsong Wonder album in the kitchen all day to remind us who we were working for and to do it with joy! The catchy, upbeat songs kept us upbeat all day as well. 

“Not Today” - Hillsong UNITED

This song never fails to get me excited to conquer the day. I feel filled with the spirit and inspired to live on fire for Jesus.

Favorite lyric: “Fear must have thought I was faithless when it came for my heart”


 I think it’s important to find a way to worship God that you enjoy. For me, it is so freeing to lift my hands and sing as loud as I can. I always look forward to worship nights and leave feeling refreshed and full of joy. Psalm 69:30 says “I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving.” Singing is a great way to express your faith and even remind yourself what you believe.

“Real Love” - Hillsong Young & Free

An amazing, simple song to praise God to. It reminds me to thank God for the everlasting, true love that comes from Him and no one else. 

Favorite lyric: “Jesus I’m found in your freedom”


Speaking words aloud helps you to believe them, and this is definitely true in worship. It’s refreshing and grounding to sing catchy lyrics that are actually life-giving statements about our identity in Christ. The inspiring lyrics that are derived from the Word speak so much truth into my life without me even noticing sometimes. Even by just having worship songs playing in the background, you’ll mindlessly be gaining encouragement and truth.

“Brokenness Aside” - All Sons & Daughters

This song states that even though we are sinners, God is a savoir. Speaking these words into life implants in me the fact that even though I won’t be perfect in this life, Jesus will take whatever mess I give Him and turn it into beauty.

Favorite lyric: “But you are a savoir and you take brokenness aside and make it beautiful”

Sarah // @sarahcrawford12