Standing in Your Singleness

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Every single year, this so-called disease spreads like a wild fire among us millennials. From the social media memes to the serious, late night tweets from your fellow singles, it seems that being single has become synonymous with loneliness. For as long as I can remember, I even had the mindset that a relationship was better than being single. Who doesn’t want an awesome guy to go through your college years with? And I mean, God said it himself, right? Two are better than one. 

It wasn’t until I finally let go of my own will and instead latched onto God’s will of standing in my present singleness that I understood my flawed logic and the gift that God had placed me in. Let’s think about this. 

No, God doesn’t want us to be alone. There is definitely power in numbers and strength in a team. However, God also wants what is best for us. If a romantic relationship is not what is best for you at that time, God will intentionally guard your heart and give you something that will better suit your current position. Societal standards project this as a curse, however, it is everything but that. 

If anything, your season of singleness is a gift. God wants to use you during this season of your life. Your assignment from Him is your gift in singleness. There are things that you discover about yourself in singleness that you otherwise cannot discover while in relationship. On the flipside, there are also things that you discover in relationship that you cannot discover while single. Personally, the assignment that I felt compelled towards was myself. 

Right now in my journey of singleness, God has pushed me to discover who I am and become the most whole half I could potentially be. Through discovering new things that I enjoy and studying His word and being a reflection of His love, I’m coming to know Him and myself even deeper. Being young, It’s a liberating feeling to be solely focused on yourself and your relationship with God. Though it may be difficult to not yearn for a relationship, try to cherish your current season and apply a different mindset through it.

You’re a Christian. God-fearing. He who hung the moon and stars is the author.

Let me reword that sentence. The all-knowing, forever loving figure is the author of your story. Imagine getting to know Him so much deeper than you already do. Falling in love with and receiving validation from Him and His Word rather than the things of this world. 

When we fall in love with Christ, it is said that we are “walking in love.”, meaning we are whole and filled on our own. When we love Him and wait on Him, our worth is not found in the potential of an Earthly relationship. It is found in the creator of all things good, filling a void that no Earthly relationship could ever fill. 

When we turn our attention towards Him full throttle, learning to love ourselves in His image, when He deems you ready, He will send the gift that he has prepared for you. in order to receive that gift, you must be secure in the gift of singleness that God has already given you. 

Make use of this gift before God gives you the next gift of a Godly man. 

As we are in April, think about which gift it is that you will be endeavoring upon. Unwrap it fully and throw yourself into the gift that He has chosen for you. After all, He is the creator of all things good. 

Autumn // @autumn_ellece