What Non-Believers Taught Me About Jesus

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We all want to be that perfect example of the Godly woman. The girl who seems to not even have sin in her vocabulary, her Instagram feed is crafted by God Himself, her mind is filled with a bible verse for every situation, and everyone in her circle has the same wonderful mindset. 

But what if I told you that girl isn’t actually the “perfect” example. Yeah, that’s our ideal image, but what would be the point in having every single Christian female only engaging with other Christian females? Of course, Christ-centered community is essential in growing in our relationship with God, but what about those who don’t have much of a relationship with Him to start with? Spreading God’s love to other people in your life who might not have experienced His love quite yet is also pretty essential to the Christian life. Coming to college, I thought that I should only be surrounded by those "perfect" Christian women. I thought that those were the only people who could help me be a better follower of Christ. However, I thought wrong. When I branched out and opened myself to different experiences and people I would’ve never thought of being around, I truly felt the most growth in my relationship with God.

As young college-age women, we often forget that our religion isn’t synonymous with perfection. When it comes to our relationship with Christ, there’s one question we should all truly think about. What are we striving for? I think it’s easy for us to get caught up in the image of being a Godly woman that we often times don’t try and cover other aspects of it. We stick with the same group of Christian friends, doing the same Christian things, going to the same Christian places. Though it’s awesome to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, I often times think about this: who did Jesus sit with, and how can my table look more like His? In the book of Mark, we see Jesus sat with many sinners. The Pharisees were confused as to why he did this, and Jesus' reply in Mark 2:17 was simple: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

Our number one goal as Christians should be to love like Christ did, but how can we do that when we’re all striving to just look Christ-like with other Christians, but not truly be like Christ? 

Personally, not all of my closest friends have a deep relationship with God. For a long time, I felt that I was failing at being a disciple when my circle didn’t look like that of other Christians. It wasn’t long until I realized that God wants to use me where I’m at, not where I’m pretending to be. I saw that I was supposed to make a difference and grow in my relationship with God through my current relationships. Though some of my friends didn’t always understand the boundaries I set for myself and the God-filled advice I gave them, being relatable made it easier for them to see what God can do. If He could make a difference in the life of one of their closest friends, He can make a difference in their own life. 

For so long with these friendships, I tried to be intentional in showing them what God could do for them. Once I stopped pushing the agenda so heavily and unknowingly allowed God’s light to shine through my actions by diving deeper in my relationship with Him, were they able to see how genuine God’s love truly was. One of the most Christ-like things you can do is be genuine and relatable with those who might not understand. If you feel like you’re doing something wrong, understand that your position is much bigger than you. God is using you as a vessel of His love in your current position. 

My current position is a college girl doing college girl things, and I feel that God is truly using me to expand his love to the people in the communities I’m coming in contact with. There’s not a specific image of “The Christian Girl.” When I say God wants to use you where you’re at, he wants you to spread his love in the places he currently has you. Everywhere you walk is a platform and an opportunity to share a little bit of God’s love. Even if you’re not preaching the Word, your actions can reflect the Christ-like love that someone might need so desperately. 

Autumn // @autumn_ellece