How To Partner With God

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There are two words in the English language that could send me into a cold sweat right in the middle of class. They raise my heart rate and force me to desperately take inventory of the people around me, praying that I would suddenly be able to communicate telepathically. The words I’m referring to?

“Group project.”

By the time you’re in college, you know the risks that come with a group project. Your grade is dependent on someone else showing up, doing the work, and doing it well. As a perfectionist, my instinct tells me that it’s better to just do the work myself than have to trust someone else to complete a project that bears my name.

Most of the time, I expect God to be this way, too.

When there is something that needs to be done, I expect that He’ll take the reigns and bring about that desired outcome while I simply look on. As the most powerful being in existence, why would God want or need anybody else’s help? He’s fully equipped to get the job done, so He might as well do it Himself so that it’s done right.

But surprisingly, this isn’t the story we see in Scripture.

Time and time again, God chooses to partner with ordinary people to bring about His extraordinary Kingdom.

God chose to partner with Moses, a simple man who lacked confidence and was uncomfortable with public speaking, to speak with Pharaoh and lead His people out of slavery in Egypt.

God chose to partner with David, the least likely choice as the youngest and weakest of his family, and anointed him as king of Israel.

God chose to partner with a young Jewish girl named Mary to usher His Son Jesus into the world.

God has the power to simply will things into existence, but instead, God chooses to partner with ordinary people like you and me to do important work here on earth. He sees us, knows us, calls us by name, and empowers us through the Holy Spirit to go out and be His hands and feet. He opens our eyes to need, and He encourages us to be a part of the work of healing and redemption in our world.

God knows that there is great joy in seeing things redeemed, in light breaking through the darkness, in love conquering hate, and so He comes knocking on our door, asking us to be a part of it. Not necessarily because He needs our help, but because He knows this is the more beautiful way. Good things are better when they’re shared. Even God thinks so.

By partnering with God, we are drawn closer to Him but we also become closer to the people around us. When we join together, we are able to see each person’s individual gifts being used to bless the world. What a joy it is when we can take our eyes off of creating a perfect outcome and instead allow ourselves to look for and be a part of the beauty unfolding around us.

Despite my nerves and dread when group projects are assigned, they pretty much always turn out to be worthy experiences. We may not get a perfect score, but there’s still a sense of beauty when a few people who don’t know each other gather around a table to work together. Through conversation and being present with each other, we learn of one another’s gifts, passion, and vision. We collaborate and share. We work together to accomplish something that is authentic to who we are and beneficial for others to hear. When it’s over, we’ll often find that in the midst of a task being completed, a stranger became a friend.

I don’t think God is very interested in keeping us on the sidelines. He always chooses to deepen the relationship, grow the community, and empower even the least of these to be a part of something big and beautiful.

If you don’t think you’re equipped to partner with God, I want to challenge you to rethink your perspective. You become equipped by the fact that God wants to partner with you on His Kingdom group project. You have gifts, and those gifts will grow the more you are willing to put them to use. The goal isn’t necessarily to make things perfect—it’s to make things whole. Throughout story of Scripture, God shows us the power of love to conquer hate, of healing to make all things new. And God isn’t finished with this work! Even now, He invites us to be a part of it.

Sometimes, we’re tempted to think that the only way God can partner with us for Kingdom work is in the mission field or in ministry. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Any place where you can sow love, grace, and hope is a place where you can partner with God. This can be in any field, in any relationship, and in any physical place.

Where do you feel God calling you to partnership?

McKay // @Mckayhubbell