Finding Joy In Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is a hard thing to do. But why? What is the big obstacle in forgiving others? Through these past 6 months of my life, I have learned that my heart is so deeply oriented on other people more than it is on God. My great need is that the Lord be MORE real to me than OTHER people. 

1 Peter: 2: 19 says “For it is commendable if someone bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because they are conscious of God.” 

What do we do when someone however is not recognizing any wrong being done, or maybe they are, and they are glad they are doing it. To answer… don’t return evil for evil.  RATHER bless that person. So we are now choosing to not be a punisher, rather to be a better person than that person deserves- showing as if we haven’t ever been hurt. 

“ Love doesn’t just forgive when another person repents, or bless when we are hurt. It endures and it forbears” -John Piper

Love covers all types of sin. It covers them and learns to endure them. They do not truly go away, but we learn to endure them by covering them with love. 

What I have learned however is the biggest obstacle of forgiving is that very few people (if any) will know that we have been hurt. Can I remain joyful? 

If we as believers do not return good for evil, we wont pity ourselves, mope around, slip into a silent fun. We are not drawing attention to our woundedness but rather finding joy through the hurt.

One of my greatest role models says it best, 

“We are acting in a cheerful, hopeful, gracious way, and nobody will have any idea that we have been insulted or put down or wounded or cheated. And almost everything in my sinful soul cries out against that.” John Piper

We want people to know that we have been hurt, especially the ones that have hurt us the most. 

The funny thing is, that God already knows everything. He knows we have been insulted and treated unjustly, cheated, or whatever it may be… He knows. Jesus is sympathetic, and he is attentive and he sees when we return good for evil when harm has been done to us. 

But how can We move forward treating others better than they treat us? Well, by not caring who knows we have been hurt. By only caring that our Heavenly Father knows and nobody else. THAT is how real God has to become to us.

Kathryn Grace Faulk // @kathryngrace.faulk