Staying Purposeful in the Age of Social Media

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Social media. A great tool that has been able to connect billions of people from around the world. It’s an amazing thing, really. I’ve been able to gain and maintain so many friendships from the few years that I’ve been an active social media user.

However, lately, social media has been nothing but one thing for me: polluting.

A lot of the time, we don’t realize how much of an impact social media leaves on our lives. Since I am into content creation and brand development, social media naturally takes up a lot of my working and leisure time.

The average person spends about an hour and a half on social media every day. In some cases, it could be more. Putting that in perspective, that’s about 10 hours of scrolling a week. Unless you follow all Christians who are only tweeting about God 24/7, this could be a detrimental thing. Being able to fill your heart with the word while scrolling through social media is a positive thing, but how often do we actually see a positive, Godly post on our social media feeds? My guess is not that often.

If you’re anything like me, I follow tons of funny meme accounts, college friends, and a few of my favorite pastors and influencers. As you can imagine the meme accounts overrule the number of Christian influencers I follow.

As a result of the time I was spending on social media, my mindset slowly and unknowingly began to change. What I talked about became more negative, and what I valued shifted tremendously.

After recognizing this, I wondered where this came from, and knew I had to take a deep look at what I was pouring into my soul. The world’s view of beauty, relationships and comparison were literally polluting me. What the world was saying began to take root rather than what God was saying. Everything I thought of began to look a lot like the world, and I thought to myself: what am I doing? I had always found peace in the fact that I was a daughter of the one true King and strived to live as such outwardly and inwardly. What I was thinking didn’t even sound like myself. I knew that it was time for a deep detox of my worldly view.

Through this detox, I learned one of the most important things:

Sometimes, God calls us to deviate from the norm.

The norm for me was the worldly culture that I was surrounded by. It was never in God’s purpose for me to be in that position. Each and every one of us has a specific purpose in life. Your purpose completely differs from the next persons. The ultimate goal of chasing after Christ might be the same, but the way you get there is what differs.

I realized these things after some deep prayer, bible journaling, and engaging in discussion with my Christian friends. Now having an understanding of my purpose, I’m able to stand tall in the face of the enemy and defend what I believe with grace. I now make sure to uplift my soul and clean my social media channels from anything that could be negatively affecting it.

I challenge each and every one of you to truly think about what you’re feeding your soul. Is it fruitful? Or is it polluting? Think about what exactly is polluting your spirit, and ask the Lord to guide your steps in cleansing your soul towards freedom. Remember, you are what you eat.

Autumn Ellece // @autumn_ellece