Why Is Your Faith Important to You?


Have you ever just blurted something out in a conversation and been surprised to hear what you said? That thought of “Oh! So...I guess THAT is how I feel about it....”

I just recently had that feeling of revelation when I was asked the question, “Why is your faith so important to you?”

In response, I found myself saying, “Faith in Jesus isn’t important to me because I feel like God would be mad at me without it. It’s not out of obligation or feelings of ‘I should...’ or even wanting to be more holy. Faith in Jesus is important to me because I want so desperately to believe that GOD, almighty and powerful that He is, would come to earth and live His life the way Jesus did.”

“Hmm,” I said to myself. “I think I like that!”

What I meant is that Jesus didn’t tear through towns, build an army, or seek a throne when he came to earth. Jesus sat with people, invited the nobodies, asked good questions, upended our prejudices, insisted that God was closer than we thought, made shocking statements, and told us to forgive each other. Jesus sought out the hurting, offered healing, grace, and love, challenged us when we got it all wrong and guided us forward in a new direction. He taught that God has a Kingdom with a totally different understanding of power—the one who serves selflessly is a leader and the one who gives up his life finds it. For far too long, we have made GOD in OUR image, and it’s time to set the record straight. All of this coming from a humble carpenter from Nazareth who broke a bunch of laws, washed some feet, shared a table with all the wrong people, and just kept trying to find some space from everybody to pray. (Shoutout to my fellow introverts! Jesus is one of us.)

I want to follow and worship a God who lives and loves like Jesus did. Jesus forgave his killers while he was on the cross. What radical mercy is this! His ways are so good, so redeeming, so merciful, so empowering, so convicting. He is so adamant about setting things right, making things new, healing what’s broken until it’s whole.

If JESUS is GOD, then that changes everything. If JESUS is GOD, then that is such GOOD NEWS for us. It is GOSPEL.

Faith is important to me not because of duty, but because if Jesus really was God among us, then I am convinced that truly nothing can separate us from His love. The Spirit we’ve received is the gift of His presence with us. I am willing to build an entire life around this, even if I’m wrong because it's just too beautiful, too redemptive, too challenging, too refining, too glorious to pass up.

Now, it’s your turn! Why is faith so important to you?

Mckay Hubbell // @mckayhubbell