Revisiting my Relationship with God


I opened the creaky wooden door to my favorite coffee shop, excited to be greeted by old friends. As we sipped refreshing iced coffees, we chatted about new experiences, old memories, families, church. We laughed and shared and remembered how great it was to have each other.

After a couple hours of cheerful conversation, I drove home and realized: that’s how I treat God. I don’t spend enough much time with Him, but when I do, I remember how completely overjoyed it makes me. Like meeting up with old friends over coffee, time spent with God is a sweet gift that I often take for granted.

This year I’ve spent more time singing worship songs, going to churches, joining small groups, writing about faith, and talking about God than ever before. I wanted to grow and get to know my God -- but I think I may have missed the point. I rarely turned to God in a completely genuine and focused state, with all my attention set on knowing Him. Instead, I joined more small groups to connect with Christians, immersed myself in worship, and strived to spread love every day.

Now, I’ve hit a point where I’m like hold up -- spirituality check. I do all of these “Christian activities,"  but how much do I really know Jesus, His character, and His stories? How much time do I spend in the Word and in prayer? I’m embarrassed to say the answer is not much. I can do better than this! I would sing words in worship songs like “I surrender, I want to know you more," and I meant it -- but I wasn’t really doing my part. At this point in my journey I really want the knowledge to back up my faith, be equipped, and truly know what I’m preaching.

I had to do a lot of internal growing and figuring out what my faith really means to me this year. I’ve realized that at the complete core of my faith should be my relationship with God which comes from prayer and the Word. Sure, I prayed and read the Bible from time to time, but I should be praying without ceasing and studying the Word because it’s straight from my Father.

I should be treating these things not as chores or routines- but for the gifts they are, in joy as well as pain.

I’m putting this in writing to challenge myself to take that step and start living in the Word and in prayer. It's a simple as cutting 10 minutes out of Instagram scrolling time and instead dedicating those 10 minutes to The Lord, or turning off a song in the car to instead pray out loud, or taking out my devotional and journal instead of watching that last YouTube video. In other words, there are a lot of ways to fit these essential daily tasks into my schedule and I need to stop with the excuse of being “too busy."

Take time out of your hectic schedule to meet with God like you do a friend -- yes, you can even bring your iced coffee! Here are some thoughts that I want to speak over myself and those who want a closer connection with God. There’s no better time than to start living in prayer than now!

Dear God-

Bring me close to you and use me for Your will. Make my faith stronger than songs I sing, words I write, or groups I join. Make my faith centered around You. Give me the motivation to read the Word and remind me to be faithful in prayer. Help me to grow in my spiritual core -- not just the outward appearance of my faith. I want to learn about You and have a personal relationship deeper than ever before. I rejoice in Your Holy Name.


Sarah Crawford