Night Time Routine for a Clear Mind

With a new semester starting, it’s easy to get caught up in the craziness and leave no time for decluttering your room or your mind! A good night time routine makes all the difference- here are some tips!


Checklists + More Checklists

Planners and lists keep me sane during the school year. Before relaxing, get everything out on paper that needs to be done the next day. Try hanging them up above your desk so you don’t lose them and they are right in the space you do your work. Jot down an extensive list of homework for each class and another list for your upcoming to-dos. To stay on track, update them every night with what you’ve completed and new items that need to get done! It’s so satisfying to cross items off during the day and start new with a fresh list at night.


Ten Minute Clean Up

Every night before bed (yes EVERY night) set a timer on your phone for ten (or twenty) minutes to focus on getting your room in order. Put clothes back in their drawers, make sure you can see the floor, and clean off your desk. Let me just say a clear desk is a life changer. When all your attention is on tidying up before the alarm goes off, cleaning up is painless and you can finally sleep at night!


Inspiration Time

I love to dream and get inspired at night. The Lord created us to be creative and that is so amazing! Watching videos on YouTube about anything faith, fashion, or decorating always puts me in a good mood (Kristin Johns is my favorite)! I also love to turn on a worship playlist and browse for a little on Pinterest. You can find dorm decor inspiration, simple recipes, and even homework ideas. Make boards to plan out upcoming projects for school or browse outfit inspo for the next day.


Set the Tone for Bedtime

Night time atmosphere is so lovely and relaxing. Try switching on a lamp instead of the overheads so the lighting is a little less harsh before bed. I like to go through my skincare routine and spray lavender water (known to be calm and helpful for sleep). Find a face mask and plug in those twinkle lights!


Take Time to Unwind

It’s super important to let your mind calm down before sleeping. Try to take this time away from your phone to do a quick activity you enjoy like reading, writing, or stretching. It doesn’t have to be too long! I like to flip through a “coffee table book” for ten minutes in bed. Say a goodnight prayer and have sweet dreams!

Sarah Crawford // @sarahcrawford12