How to Deal with Comparison

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I have a very bad habit of comparing myself with others. I always have. The worst part is that it’s over the little things, like someone’s appearance, or how loud/quiet that particular person is. My thought process usually goes something like this “well, look at everything she has. It’s probably because she’s so _____, and I’m not.” I use that blank to represent the different ways you could compare yourself to others.

 It’s very easy to compare yourself to others, especially in the age of Instagram and Twitter. I find myself scrolling through Instagram asking myself “why don’t I get that many likes?” Or “wow, this picture is beautiful, why doesn’t my feed look like that?”

 Because I’m not that girl. Because every single one of us is different than the other.

 And what is most amazing about that is God still loves us. All of us, all the differences, all the doubt, all the self-loathing, He loves us. There’s a quote going around on Twitter that says “the God that made the sun and the moon thought the Earth needed one of you” and that is an amazing feeling, God put us here, just as we are.

 When I start to compare myself to someone else, I imagine God wanting to reach down to Earth and shake me and with all the love He can give, scream in my face “WHY! Why are you comparing yourself to her, don’t you know I made you specifically in my image? Why do you doubt Me?”

 Now, this does not fix my problem with comparing myself to others, but it has put some things in perspective for me.

 She may have 10,000 followers, a perfect boyfriend, and the life you think you want… but this life, given to you by God, is the perfect life for you. He meant for you to have the life you have, and He is walking through that beautiful life with you step by step.

Galatians 6:4 “Don’t compare yourself with others. Just look at your own work to see if you have done anything to be proud of.”

 This week, I challenge each and every one of us to stop comparing ourselves to others, lift each other up. Like that Instagram photo, tell that girl in your class you love her shirt instead of just wishing you had it (you could become friends and maybe she’ll let you borrow it). Look at what you have, not just what you want. It’s tough to evaluate your life, but it makes a big difference in how you view what God has blessed you with instead of what you do not have.

 As women of Christ, we have to life each other up, and I promise there is no better feeling than having a community to strengthen us against the evils we struggle against.

Kenley Rowe // @kenleyrowe


I am Kenley, a 21-year-old who graduated from college in Virginia in May. I am attending law school in the fall at Liberty University. My favorite things include Jesus, America, and glitter. You can usually find me drinking coffee with a book in my hand. I’m a daughter, a sister and a best friend, but most importantly I’m a follower of Christ and I’m just trying to glorify God in all that I do.