PODCAST #1: This is For You!

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Listen to the full episode for all the tea on… our dating history!

Hey beautiful Delight family! Mac & Kenz here! We are SOOOOO stinking excited to finally introduce our baby podcast to the world. We’ve spent the last few months in our office laughing and chatting with some of our amazing friends about all things Jesus, dating, relationships, and being a girl.

The result???


We hope you love it as much as we do! We will be releasing a new episode every week for the next 8 weeks so get excited for more things “for the girl!” Thanks for going on this journey with us and for always making us feel incredibly loved and supported. We love you all tons!


We wanted to kick things off by sharing a little bit of the BTS story of Delight. It all begins with two girls meeting at freshman orientation at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. (spoiler alert: it’s us!) Believe it or not, we actually weren’t BFFs right off the bat! It wasn’t until we both happened to go to the same worship night at the end of freshman year that we realized that we HAD to be friends. Six months later, we decided to start a BIble Study together. It was that simple Bible study that eventually grew into what you know Delight to be today. Pretty crazy right?!


From the get-go, we knew we wanted Delight to be all about Jesus and how He was moving in the midst of what we we’re going through in our every day lives. In all honesty, we avoided talking about dating & relationships because we feared it might could cloud the vision of Delight. So, we steered clear of them when it came to our Delight curriculum. However, we realized before long that just because we weren’t talking about them didn’t mean that dating & relationships weren’t an integral part of college women’s lives. We wanted to resource women with a healthy way to talk about their faith in terms of dating and relationships.

It was then that “For the Girl” was born! In the spring of 2017, we launched our very first “For the Girl” book ALL about dating & relationships. A year later, we launched our For the Girl Tour! Since then, we have experienced such an incredible response from girls who feel like this area of our ministry has benefitted their lives as they come to know who they are and who God is. This year, we were so excited to release a new book, “How to Prepare For Your Future Love Story!” This book dives into the heart and life preparation necessary before each of the 6 dating personality types (find out yours by taking the quiz here!) dives into their future love story.

We are so excited to introduce the For the Girl podcast, which will take a deeper look at all things dating, relationships, girls, and JESUS! But, before we jump in, we want to go over the six dating personality types!


The Romantic

The Romantic is the girl who LOVES love! She’s the girl who always has a crush or a boyfriend or somebody that she’s absolutely head over heels in love with. At heart, the romantic longs to have an epic love story and will stop at nothing to get it. The downside of that is that she can get so swept up in her love story that she loses focus of what God might be calling her to do in her life.

The Independent

The Independent is your classic girl boss. She’s the girl who is so focused on her dreams and ambitions that she doesn’t really leave any time or space for dating. If she’s honest with herself, it’s not that she doesn’t want love. The Independent is scared to let someone into their personal life and let them see their flaws. More so, she doesn’t want a relationship to keep her from what God is calling her into.

The Flirt

The Flirt is the girl who loves attention and affirmation. Like the Romantic, she loves love, but she goes about it in a different way. She’s always got at least a couple of guys on her radar and is typically texting multiple guys at once. The Flirt is good at manipulating situations to where she gets a lot of attention and affirmation without the commitment of a relationship because she actually fears commitment. Because of that, it’s so important for the flirt to fill herself up with attention and affirmation from God first.

The Committed

The Committed is the girl who is SO ready to get married and become a wife and mom. She’s the girl who loves HGTV and probably is already all over Pinterest pinning her wedding. Because she is so set on getting married, the Committed often compromises on God’s calling on her life and almost puts her future relationship above it.

The Rescuer

The Rescuer is the girl who wants to feel needed in a relationship. She’s often drawn to the bad boys and hopes to be the exception to their past, the girl who turns the bad boy good. However, it’s so important for the Rescuer to realize that it’s not her job to rescue people.

The Cautious

The Cautious is the girl who feels intimidated by relationships. Because of her lack of dating experience, she feels pretty insecure around guys in general. The Cautious has super strong morals and probably has a super sweet relationship with Jesus that she is worried a relationship might get in the way of. When it comes to relationships, she lets her insecurities get the best of her.


The next six episodes will outline each of the six types! We are going to sit down with one person of each dating personality type in our community to discuss what it’s like to be that type, the struggles they face, and all the things that God has been speaking to them in this area of their lives. While each episode does focus a lot on dating and relationships, every single episode will ultimately point you back to Jesus. When it comes to the nitty gritty of dating and relationships, we don’t have all the answers, but we know that the best place to bring your questions is at the feet of Jesus. That being said, these episodes are PACKED full of information about each type, some hilarious and some heartbreaking stories from the world of dating, and most importantly lots of talk about the power of Christ in your life. We are SO excited to go on this journey with you!

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