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Well hello everyone! It’s Week 2 of the For the Girl podcast and we couldn’t be more excited. This week we’re talking to Christina Read, a friend and past intern who is the ROMANTIC! AHH! We hope this episode gives you so much insight into the Romantic and brings you right to the feet of Jesus! Thanks so so much for hanging out with us each week. We hope you LOVE this episode as much as we do!


We got to know Christina (Tina) Read last year when she became our Social Media Intern. We can think of SO many times where Tina would sit down on the floor of our office going on and on about her love life. Let’s just say, she always has the BEST stories. Tina is ‘Miss Popular’ at Belmont. She’s the girl who is running the show at freshman orientation and involved in activities ALL over campus. She is full of passion and energy and we are so excited for you to learn more about her and her take on what it’s like to be the Romantic. But first, we want to give you a quick run down of what the Romantic is!


The Romantic is the girl most likely to spend her Saturday nights watching Rom-Coms, pinning wedding dresses on her Pinterest boards, and stalking her latest crush ALL over social media. She is dying to have a magical storybook romance and will stop at nothing to get it. To put it simply, she LOVES love!

The Romantic falls in and out of love fairly quickly and most likely has been in quite a few relationships herself. She’s the girl who LOVES to talk boys and who wants all the deets on her friends’ latest crushes! However, she’s often caught up more in the love story than the actual relationship itself.

The reality of the Romantic’s heart is that her constant need for affirmation from guys often keeps her from stepping into the fullness of God’s plan for her. She so badly wants to create a love story for herself that she struggles to give up control in the process. When she looks at the love stories around her, she often doubts God’s plan for her own.


+ She easily falls in and out of relationships, and has a LOT of crushes.

+ She tends to let her feelings mature faster than therelationship does.

+ She lets her imagination create false realities in her relationships.

+ She feels restless in her singleness and will do anything to avoid being single.

+ She lets relationships distract her from her true purpose, from what God might be calling her to do.


+ Understand that God already knows your desires and create space for God to work and move.

+ Fall in love with JESUS!! Channel your Romantic personality into seeking a love story with the king of kings.

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