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Listen to the full episode to learn all about the Independent and Jana’s practical joke gone very wrong!

Oh my goodness - how is it already Week 3 of the For the Girl Podcast?? We are LOVING sharing all about the six dating personality types and are so excited to share this episode all about the INDEPENDENT!! This week we’re talking to our amazing friend, Jana Ogg! We love Jana so much and know you are going to love hearing her perspective on being the Independent, prioritizing your relationship with Jesus, and learning to walk as a single person with non-single friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love you’ve given the podcast so far!! We hope you LOVE this episode!!


In this week’s episode, we talk with Jana alllll about being the Independent! Jana is truly an INCREDIBLE woman of God and one of the pastors at Ethos Church here in Nashville! Jana is your quintessential Independent. She’s the girl who loves and pursues the Lord with all her heart and has HUGE dreams when it comes to bringing the Kingdom of God here to Earth! Talk about a #GirlBoss!! Jana is the friend you absolutely need - she’s so fun, incredibly outgoing, and totally competitive (she is a ping pong QUEEN)!! We hope you love hearing from Jana as much as we did!! But first, a little more about the Independent…


The Independent is the girl who is just too busy to date. When it comes to her schedule, she has chosen to invest her time in anything but a potential relationship. Your typical #GirlBoss, the Independent spends her time focusing on chasing her dreams and wants nothing and no one to get in the way of that.

When single, the Independent takes pride in her singleness, highlighting the idea that she doesn’t need a guy to make her happy. BUT! Don’t let her fool you. Deep down, the Independent really does desire to be loved. However, she fears that a relationship means opening herself up to the potential for rejection. When it comes to relationships, the Independent tends to build walls and struggles to let someone in to see her flaws.

Even in her walk of the Lord, the Independent tends to struggle with intimacy. So used to doing things on her own and relying on herself, she can find it difficult to feel close to God. For the Independent, intimacy and vulnerability are just as scary to pursue with God as they are in the potential for love.


+ She tends to build walls to protect herself from intimacy in relationships.

+ She easily disqualifies potential relationships.

+ She owns her singleness and has developed an underlying pride that she doesn’t need someone else to make her happy.

+ She tends to choose her ambitions over a relationship. Rather than putting her efforts into pursuing a relationship, she wants to pursue her career, her dreams, and her purpose.

+ She is really good at numbing the pain of any loneliness she feels outside of a relationship.

+ She sees ‘needing’ a relationship as a weakness and prefers to be self-sufficient.


+ Know that you’re not missing anything. Just because maybe you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean that you missed your window for a relationship or even that God doesn’t have big plans for you. You are RIGHT where he wants you!

+ God’s purposes for you are perfect. His timelines are rarely what we think they’re going to be or what we want them to be, but they are certainly PERFECT. Lock your eyes on God and the dreams He has given you!


+ Lock your eyes on the Lord so that you can be COMPLETE in Christ. It’s when you’re complete in Christ that you’re able to best complement somebody else in your future love story!

+ Dive in with Jesus! Spend time in the Word, in prayer, etc. because your real love story is the one with HIM!

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