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Listen to the full episode to learn all about the Flirt and the fun + flirty life of Emily!

Well hello everyone!! Thank you so much for coming back for the 4th week of the For the Girl podcast. This week, we talk with one of our very best friends, Emily Weisband, all about being the FLIRT! We love Emily so much and know you are going to love hearing about how her faith and her flirty personality intertwine. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the love you’ve given the podcast so far!! We hope you LOVE this episode!!


In this week’s episode, we talk with Emily about her wild life as the Flirt! Emily Weisband is one of our very best friends and was actually one of the three girls who initially started Delight! Since helping to start Delight, Emily has gone on to become an AMAZING songwriter (ever heard Consequences by Camila Cabello???) and an even better friend! She is the life of the party and a huge lover of the chase when it comes to boys. Emily is your CLASSIC Flirt! We are so excited for you to hear from Emily and her experiences, but first, a little more about the Flirt…


The Flirt is the girl who probably had her first kiss in 2nd grade and has lived for the chase ever since! She’s the absolute LIFE of the party, SO full of personality, and a total player in the dating game. At a given moment, she’s probably texting 3-6 guys that are totally into her. She knows that at least a couple of them are so in love with her, and she’s prone to stringing them along even when she doesn’t have feelings for them. When it comes to boys, the Flirt wants all of the attention without the commitment.

When it comes to serious relationships, the Flirt has racked up some pretty unrealistic expectations. So accustomed to receiving attention from multiple guys, one person’s love just doesn’t seem good enough for her. At the end of the day, these high expectations and love for the never-ending chase make it difficult for her to experience real love and distract her from finding true contentment in the Lord. If she isn’t careful, she can end up leaning on everyone but God to feel valued, leaving her feeling empty and alone.


+ She feels validated through physical intimacy.

+ She wants guys to fall in love with her even though she doesn’t have feelings for them.

+ She is always looking for an excuse to run.

+ She creates unattainable expectations from potential relationships.

+ She finds it difficulty to express her feelings or show love.


+ Prepare for YOUR purpose in life. Do some introspective work to figure out what you like and who you are so that you can more genuinely walk along somebody else in your future love story.

+ Prioritize JESUS and live into the fullness of who God has made you to be! That way, when your person comes along, you will find your identity in God, not Him.

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