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Listen to the full episode to learn all about the Committed and our amazing friend Maddy!

Welcome back for WEEK 5 of the For the Girl Podcast. You are all in for a treat this week because we are talking about one of our most popular types on the dating personality quiz - THE COMMITTED! We are so pumped to introduce you to our friend and total committed, Maddy Fowler! Take a listen to the podcast on Spotify or iTunes and don’t forget to leave us a review! We hope you LOVE this episode!!


In this week’s episode, we talk all about being the Committed with our friend Maddy! Maddy is the friend who you always want to set up with your friends because she is ALL the things any guy would want in a potential wife. No wonder she’s a Committed!! We LOVE Maddy and hope you love everything that she has to say about her dating type! But first, a little more about this type…


The Committed is the girl who has always dreamed of being a wife and mom and cannot wait to get there. She is the girl who’s already dreaming of the dream home she’ll live in with her husband and four kids in her thirties, and it’s pretty likely that she’s obsessed with HGTV! While she waits to be a wife and mom, the Committed is the total #momfriend, caring for and mothering just about everyone!

The Committed is the girl who loves the security and comfort of a relationship and is already imagining a lifelong commitment with someone. She feels most herself when she’s beside someone else and is happy to conform to the lifestyle of the other person. As you’d expect, the Committed is the girl who is ready to COMMIT! She’s so committed to a lasting relationship that it’s possible that she’s still dating her high school sweetheart or the guy she met during freshman orientation.

However, the Committed is also prone to really fixating on her relationship. In a relationship, she may idolize the other person and let go of parts of herself in the process. When she doesn’t acknowledge her own ambitions or desires, the Committed can let her relationship take the place of God’s love and plan for her life. This can transpire into her placing more focus on a relationship than a future designed to honor God.


+ She is quick to conform to someone else’s lifestyle and often loses herself in a relationship.

+ She buries any doubts and uncertainties in a relationship and dismisses any potential red flags.

+ She is probably more reserved about her love life.

+ She is drawn to guys who more secure, guys who are willing to settle down and commit.

+ She loves the idea of settling down.

+ She’s not good at stating her own needs in a relationship.


+ Trust the Lord with HIS timing and rest in the fact that He has a plan with your life!

+ Walk in obedience in your day-to-day life! Don’t worry too much about the far future but instead focus on how you can walk in obedience right here and right now!

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