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Listen to the full episode to learn alllll about the Rescuer and Kenz’s “Personal Assistant!”

Hi there friends and welcome back for Week 6 of the For the Girl podcast! What a wild ride it has been so far! We are seriously so grateful for your feedback on the episodes so far and cannot wait for you to hear this week’s episode. This week is all about the RESCUER! Woohoo! Whether you’re a Rescuer or not, you are going to find soooo much in this episode that is totally #relatable for your type! Don’t forget to leave us a review on iTunes and take a listen on iTunes or Spotify! We love you guys!!! 💕💕💕


In this episode, we talk with our incredible friend, Maddie Boerste!!! Maddie is a student at Belmont University (our alma mater 💁🏼‍♀️) and one of our interns here at Delight! She and Kenz are so tight that we like to joke that she is Kenz’s “personal assistant.” Maddie is the girl who is so fun and so chill to be around, and of course a total Rescuer! We loved hearing all about Maddie’s dating history and what she thinks about this type, but before you take a listen, here’s a little more about the Rescuer…


The Rescuer is the girl who falls for the bad boy every. single. time. She’s never brought a guy home that her dad approves of. Her dream guy is probably emotional, brooding, mysterious and either rides motorcycles, is in a band, or write poems in his spare time (SWOON!). She sees the potential in almost ANYONE but is especially drawn to guys with good looks, attractive personalities, and a little damaged on the inside. With her help, she can give any bad boy a heart of gold!

To put it simply, the Rescuer chooses relationships that make her feel needed. She wants to be the exception to the rule, the girl who finally helps the guy get on the right path. The Rescuer is typically the girl who would date a non-believer hoping that she can be a part of his transformational story. She falls in love with the potential of people, rather than the reality of who they really are. Because of this pattern, she often finds herself constantly defending her relationship to her family and friends and isolating herself from people that love her most.

Not only does she isolate herself from community, but she also begins to hold God at arm’s length. She fears Him convicting her relationship and would rather keep it under her control.


+ She probably has a few bad ex-boyfriends.

+ She is defensive and protective about her relationships.

+ She struggles creating healthy emotional boundaries.

+ She places her identity in the people she surrounds herself with.

+ She is the most likely to date a non-believer.

+ She finds validation in others needing her.


+ Focus on YOU! Don’t spend as much of your time and energy focusing in on who you want to be with as who YOU want to be!

+ Seek first the Kingdom of God and who He has called you to be! The best love story is the one Jesus has for you right here and now!

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