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Listen to the full episode to learn alllll about the Cautious and Hunter’s first kiss! 🙈

Can you believe it? We’re finally here. This week marks the last of the 6 dating personality types and the second to last podcast of the season. Seriously you guys, we are absolutely blown away by everything you’ve had to say about the podcast so far. Each and every DM, text, phone call, etc…. it means so much! 💕 We are so grateful that it is speaking to you and that God is working through this - praise Jesus!

Before we start tearing up, let’s get talking about this episode! This week, we are talking about the second most popular type - THE CAUTIOUS! There are soooooo many of you Cautious girls out there and let us tell you - this was one fun episode! We hope you love it! 💕💕💕


In this episode, we talk with one of our friends allll about being the Cautious and her name is HUNTER WADE! 💖 Hunter is our West Coast Regional Director and she’s basically the bomb.com! She is total perfectionist and a 1 on the Enneagram, but also incredible funny and down to earth! She is so honest and vulnerable on her Insta stories too so def check her out at @hunter_wade! We seriously had the BEST time talking with Hunter all about her dating life and can’t wait for you to hear it, but first, let’s learn a little more about the Cautious…


The Cautious is your quintessential good girl. She didn’t go to parties in high school, she was active in her youth group, and probably didn’t have her first kiss until college (or she might still be waiting!). She is a total girl’s girl and can’t keep her cool around any form of the male species. She’s sweet, kind, and you don’t have to worry about her stealing your man. The Cautious will for sure end up with Mr. AMAZING… it just might take her a little while longer.

To put it simply, the Cautious is scared of romantic relationships.

The Cautious often lets fear get the best of her. She probably didn’t date in high school or college, and now her history of inexperience has convinced her that she may never find anyone. She’s timid around guys because she believes the lie that guys just must not like her. She hides herself, her best qualities, and her entire personality to avoid being rejected or embarrassed. When everyone else is talking about their relationships, she clams up and hopes that nobody notices that she has nothing to add.

The Cautious has a really intimate relationship with the Lord but also avoids sharing her true desires for a relationship. She fears that God doesn’t have that in his plans for her and doesn’t want that to get in the way of her trust in Him.


+ She often struggles with her self image.

+ She is usually afraid of the unknown in physical intimacy.

+ She lets her insecurities keep her from pursuing relationships.

+ She typically feels nervous and struggles to be herself around guys.

+ She hides from others her desire to be loved.


+ Continually surrender your fears to the Lord! Any fears you have about marriage, your future, etc. - give it all to God! He is the author of your story and he wants your heart!

+ Keep seeking the Lord no matter what! Single or married, ask God to make HIM the deepest longing of your heart!

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