Podcast #8: What?! We have BOYS on the podcast today!

Episode 8.jpg

Hey everyone!!! Can you believe it? Today marks Episode 8 of the For the Girl podcast, aka the very last episode of this season. We are seriously so sad that this season is coming to an end, but are so encouraged by all of the kindness going around about this podcast! We have gotten sooooo many messages from girls talking about how much this podcast has meant to them, and that means so so much to us!!

Now that we’ve wrapped up the six dating personality types, we decided to switch it up a little bit! This episode of the For The Girl podcast is a Dating Q&A with… BOYS!!! In this episode, we ask a panel of our guy friends all sorts of questions from their dating personality types, to their dating history, to what they look for in a girl! Talk about one JUICY episode!!! We can’t wait to hear what you think! Thanks again for hanging with us for an AMAZING season of the podcast. We love you guys!!!