Why I Love Being A Delight Intern

Internships. What comes to your mind when you hear that word? Does it excite you? Stress you out? Overwhelm you? Personally, I felt all of those emotions when I began my hunt for my idea of the perfect Summer 2019 internship. I spent hours sifting though employment websites and stringing together adjectives that fit my future career goals in a Google search bar, hoping my dream opportunity would present itself.

I applied for a handful of positions and was talking my options over with some friends when one asked, “Would you ever want to work in a ministry setting?” Truthfully, as a journalism and advertising major I naturally pictured myself in a secular setting and, though it had never crossed my mind, my answer was yes! I had been a recipient of ministries like Delight for most of my life and saw this as an opportunity to see the other side of the work that goes into a nonprofit.

This summer, I took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville to intern at Delight and have loved my time here. Here are a few of the things that have made my time as a Delight Intern so great:

The ability to pair your major with your faith

This has been the most profound realization for me. I hope it goes without saying that no matter your major or work environment you can honor God; but because of the nature of Delight as an organization, I was able to explore a new avenue of faith in the workplace. I have always worked in non religious settings and loved them but there is something unique about working with people who live their lives in surrender to the Lord and have built a ministry to magnify Him.

Before interning at Delight, I was painfully blind to the work that goes on at a ministry, both administratively and creatively speaking. Since starting my internship I have put my major directly into practice and built my portfolio with content that is characterized by Philippians 4:8: Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. I have been stretched both professionally and spiritually and have found freedom in meshing my major so directly with my faith.

Small team = more opportunity

You have probably seen internships represented in a variety of unglamorous ways: the coffee-runner intern, the intern whose desk is toppling over with stacks of to do lists, the intern who is strictly referred to as… “The Intern.” I have good news: as an intern at Delight you are a part of the team. Delight HQ is home to 5 powerhouse women who run a thriving ministry and they want you to be a part of it all. You will be given responsibilities and deadlines but you will also sit in on team meetings and offer pitch ideas. Whether you are shipping out the latest Delight book or designing graphics for the Instagram, your voice matters and you have a seat at the table.

Work environment

Like I mentioned, the Delight HQ team is stellar, but so is the work setup. Perched on Blair Blvd. in Nashville, TN is a house-turned-office that hosts the women of Delight. As an intern you will have a desk space to work near the rest of the team and be a part of all the Delight dialogue. You can count on lunches with your coworkers, recaps of The Bachelorette and occasional in-office runway shows… and maybe, if you’re lucky, Christy (Marketing & Communications Manager) will show you her Zumba routine. Interning at Delight has taught me a lot about what community in the workplace can look like. Analyzing spreadsheets, chatting about big moves of God, and girl talk can (and do!) all happen in the same place.

I’ll be so bummed when the summer comes to an end and I have to give up my spot as a Delight intern but I am eager to see who fills it! If you’re looking to apply for an intern position, click here!

About the Author

Tatum Hanson // @tatumhanson

Hi, I’m Tatum! I'm a lover of words, culture and creativity. I was born and raised in Long Beach, California until moving to Waco, Texas to attend Baylor University and study Journalism. I am fascinated by the marriage of media and journalism and have grown to love the many avenues created by this field to relay information. From copy and news writing to graphic design and photography, I love any opportunity to mesh creativity and facts.