How to Stay In Tune with the Holy Spirit

In our Christian communities, we tend to hear stories about how people heard God's voice in a supernatural way.  I've personally never encountered His voice audibly, but I've undoubtedly encountered His guidance in specific directions and seen how the wrecking of plans is the creation of heavenly ones. 

We might hear about how people are "in tune" with the Holy Spirit inside of them. Maybe you've felt this in moments of conviction or when you needed an extra push to take that leap of faith. It's soul-filling and overwhelming when we experience these encounters with the Lord in a way where we can so tangibly feel it.  It's a joy we long for in our everyday mundane. These encounters are something us busy college women wish we would stop and listen to in every decision.  

So, how can we stay in tune with the Holy Spirit in our everyday?

God provides us with ways to access His peace, presence, and wisdom in every moment. We often times put our own obstacles in the way of His presence when we choose not to take time to pray, read His word, and worship Him. It can seem so much easier to turn to a friend and complain or maybe fall into sin instead. Here are a few ways I've found to be in tune with His presence in my everyday life: 


This may seem like a given, and it is, but how easy is it to not rely on prayer!  When life gets difficult, I find myself leaning on venting sessions, scrolling through Instagram, or trying to muster up my own strength to push past the stress.  This may just be another reminder for you to take time to pray and you still don't know how you're actually going to get better. One tip I have to help with this is to set a timer on your phone.  Pick a few different times throughout each day to make this a priority. This is a set reminder to put aside everything else and close my door and just talk to Him. This is going to look different for everyone, but if you take this step to remind yourself to stop for just a few minutes, you will feel His presence in a deeper way and you still start to see the changes He is making in your favor.  


Personally, I love a good run to destress. If you're not a cardio kinda girl, this can be in any workout! I have found that some of my most intimate conversations with God have been while on a run. It has taught me how to keep pushing through even when it's hard. I've also seen that all my little human self is capable of is running a short distance with an exhaustible amount of air in my lungs and yet He holds the whole world in His hands.  If you're longing for a way to be more in tune with what God is speaking to you, try going on a run or listening to worship while working out. If this is already something you do, intentionally listen for His voice and ask Him to show up.  

Write About It

This is a good one because it may entail a trip to Target for a cute new journal.  Sometimes, I find that when I turn on some music and sit down all cozied up with my coffee, I can write pages and pages of prayer.  It is in these moments where I don't just remember to write out the things I need help with or the things that I'm anxious about. I remember to tell God about everything I'm thankful for.  If you struggle with being able to recall everything you want to say to God, this might help jog your memory and make sure that this time with God is intentional. I also struggle with making my prayer time too surface level. Writing it out to God makes this time more genuine, extensive, and heartfelt. By journaling, I can see the way God has answered my prayers and I can see that He is working by making changes in my life.  

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Good In Means Good Out

This goes hand-in-hand with living counter-culturally and it is something that I am so passionate about. I truly believe that what you let into your mind, is going to come out.  The Bible tells us this in Proverbs 4:23 "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it." This is not always going to be the most popular point of view, but in order to stay in tune with the Holy Spirit, it is so necessary. Sometimes, we have to sacrifice trendy things if we know they're not good for us and our relationship with God.  If what we put in our minds is preventing us from hearing God's voice and becoming distracted by ministry, then we should let go of those things. Living a life worthy of the calling you have received is necessary to living a life of discipleship. 

Today, let's take at least one of these steps to become more in tune with the Holy Spirit.  Become so in tune with Him that there's no doubt in your mind that He is with you and so diligently working for your good.   

About the Author

Carly Rodriguez // @carly__kay

Hi y'all! I'm Carly Rodriguez. I go to Texas State University in Round Rock and I'm an aspiring Speech Language Pathologist! I started Delight at my school my freshman year and I've grown in my relationship with God and my love of community immensely. Aside from my love for Jesus and people, some of my favorite things are coffee (predictable), sunshine, and Fixer Upper!! One of my favorite ways to worship God is through going on runs or by simply being outside. I hope and pray that through my writings this semester, that it is only God's words you are reading and that He will use them to speak directly to your heart specifically.